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Happy Mothers Day in the KITCHEN!

It seems the thing to do is bring your mom breakfast in bed, for Mothers Day. I’ve had that. I appreciated it, it was really sweet and thoughtful. But this mama REALLY just wants to have the kitchen ALL to herself to cook up a STORM. Dirty every pan and bowl in the place….that’s what I call me a good Mothers Day. Although, I do prefer that someone else clean it all up…just this one day. Or really any other day would be fine too.

I don’t mind cleanin’ up my mess, but I must say my Kenny is one fine kitchen cleaner upper. So that works out just fabulous for me.

So, you know I LOVE me some red bell peppers…and you know I love them roasted. And have I mentioned that I am a FREAK for eggs benedict?

Uh-YA! I will not pass it up. No way sister!

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite versions.

The Jerome
That’s what they call it at The Morning Star restaurant were I first sank my chompers into it.
serves 2
1 whole roasted red pepper
4 slices of thin cut roasted turkey breast (from your deli)
2 english muffins
4 eggs
butter for buttering toasted muffins
*one recipe easy blender hollandaise sauce
FOUR ingredients that’s all it takes….and it is really SO easy!

You can check out the directions on the link I gave you above….SO EASY.

Now if you want peel the skin off the roasted red peppers. I roast and froze mine. Go here to see how to do that.

While you are toasting your english muffin in your toaster, heat up your skillet and put the red pepper and turkey in it to warm it up( I forgot to take a photo of the turkey warming itself for my eggs bene)

That there is a toasted and buttered english muffin!

Now lay your warmed turkey on the muffin…

and then comes the pepper…

Now comes, for me, the hard part. Poaching an egg. I LOVE poached eggs, but I stink at it. I need to buy one of those fancy dancy egg poacher thing-a-ma-jobbers. This was my first attempt of the day….egg soup..down the drain. Second attempt in the dog dish. Third attempt…

I did the happy poached egg dance around the kitchen island! “I poached an e e e Egg, I poached an e e e EGG!”

Hold on to your pants people I actually poached two perfect eggs. Everything I read about poaching eggs, says to get the water boiling and then get the water whirling around in the pan, drop the egg into the whirling boiling water. BUT that method does not work for me.

I had the best luck with this method.
1. 1/2 inch of water in pan, bring to a vigorous boil.
2. drop in 1 or 2 egg eggs.
3. take spoon and gently circle the egg, attempting to bring it together.

It takes practice and patients…if you loose the latter of the two, it is not a crime to make eggs benedict with sunny side up eggs. The eggs bene police are quite forgiving.

Now for the GRAND FINALE! The hollandaise sauce…be generous! NO skimping on the sauce. There is no forgiveness for sauce skimping.

You need enough sauce for your taters. Drag the tater through the sauce….OH yeah baby forget the ketchup. IN FACT! This meal has a ketchup ban on it.

No one else in my family enjoys Eggs Benedict the way I do. So I did what some may call selfish…I made my bene, and had me a seat, all alone and ate it in utter complete satisfying peace. While singing a little Happy Mothers Day to me song.

The clouds parted and a ray of sunshine shone down on me and my eggs benedict. It was magical.

Look at that OH, my mouth waters. I had to share it with you in mid chow-down mode. It was heavenly.

Then I hopped my caboose up and made the rest of my family bacon and eggs with breakfast taters.

I’m hoping you were able to enjoy some of your favorite eats today.

Were you? I’d love to know…what it was that you ate…

Happy Day!

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  1. Yummm – I love eggs benedict, never made it, but orer it our whenever I have the chance. We went to el burrito for lunch (1/2 off for all mommies yesterday) and then had a late dinner (once lunch was eventually all digested) breakfast for dinner – french toast and bacon. I love love love breakfast anytime of day…

  2. The kids and I stood around the kitchen counter and ate popcorn out of a bag for lunch. We went to my mom's later and had a weiner roast. Not a gourmet Mother's Day for me, but my son roasted me some awesome marshmallows!
    My husband left on a business trip. He probably would have grilled us some yummy grub. At least I would like to think that.
    I had my kids with me. That's all that matters! Love them!

  3. The swirling water method does not work for me either, so I was glad to see your method. I think I'll be trying my hand at it with poached eggs for breakfast tomorrow.

    BTW, I had a lovely day with my family. My Hubby does all the cooking on Mother's Day: BLT's for lunch, Chili for dinner, with a from scratch Yankee Sheet Cake for dessert. He doesn't cook often, but when he does, he does well.