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Eye Makeup Remover travel trick

I have a travel tip slash trick to share with you today.

Are you sitting down?

Maybe you’ve done this for years, your grandma-ma did it, your great uncles wife’s sisters brother daughter has done this for years, but maybe not.  Maybe this trick will be new to you.  Maybe it will revolutionize your eye makeup removing world like it did mine.


Are you ready?

Cause here it is…….

Ding! First I should say I am in no way promoting the brand of eye makeup remover shown in this post.  I do love this brand, however I am not being paid to blab about it.

Now here it is….

Fill a small 2 ounce spray bottle with eye makeup remover when traveling.

There it is!


Here’s why this is such an awesome idea: 1.) no need to take your giant bottle of remover with you cluttering up your diddy bag 2.) no worries of spilling 3.) when you spray eye makeup remover on a cotton square you’re not using nearly the amount you normal would by pouring it on a cotton square…thus making your remover last 3x longer…maybe 4x!!



This quote unquote travel trick is something that I use everyday now!  Because I am such a clutso and am always bumping my open remover bottle over and spilling half of it on the counter!  Plus like I said I get exponentially more use out of a bottle when I am spraying it out not dumping it out.



Where did I get my little spray bottle?  Good question.  I’m pretty sure mine came in a package of travel sized bottles, but honestly I can’t remember.  I do know that you can order them online of course.  If ordering you will want the 2 or 2.5 once bottle.  Of course you can get them in bulk, so you can share them with your friends and family!  I found mine in a bathroom drawer during a fit of desperation as I was packing and needed my eye make up remover to be in a less than 3 ounce bottle….gol dern this post 911 world we live in.



Do you have any travel tricks?  Clever tricks you’ve stumbled upon that are now second nature to you?

This week my family and I are taking a roadtrip to the U.P.  Heads up Yoopers the Trolls are on the way!  I most likely won’t even break out my eye make up remover on this trip.  The Yoop is so laid back….plus it’s wildernessy up there. Have you been to the U.P.?  I’m really not sure wearing mass-carra and a shade of guava eye shadow will help while I’m fending off the black bears!  Can’t you just see me batting my eyelashes like there’s no tomorrow and stomping my feet…”don’t eat me big black bear I put eye makeup on today!!  I’m much too pretty to be eaten!”  Yeh, I think I might save the make-up for another trip.

IMG_7198roadtrip circa 2009 

I thought I had better tell you that I will be off the grid this week.  No twitter, facebook, pinterest, blogging.  Just so you don’t think I actually did 1.) get eaten by a black bear 2.) get my canoe too close to tahquamenon falls and get sucked in 3.) meet my demise by overdosing on pasties or 4.) go down with the Edmund Fitzgerald…ya heh!

I can’t promise that I won’t be on instagram.  Instagram isn’t social media is it?  We’ll see maybe I’ll try to stay away from instagram too…it makes me jittery thinking about it.

Note: When you get jittery, and short of breath while merely writing about being off-line, PLEASE know this means you need to be off-line or take a mini break.

Ok so good-bye for now…I do have a few posts scheduled feel free to share them for me while you are on-line and I am off;)

OK just a few questions before I go…because inquiring minds need to know….

1.)  Have you been off the grid lately…for a week or more? How did that go for you?

2.) Where have you traveled to this summer or have you made your home a destination?

3.) What did you think of my eye makeup remover trick/tip?  Is this something you already did…it’s ok you can tell me…let me know I’m not quite as clever and full of ingenuity as I thought I was.  I can take it.  I’m tough.

See you on the flip side!

Signed, The Troll ya-heh



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  1. Yeah on the eye makeup trick!! Brand new to me. Bells, whistles, flashing lights and all other glorious celebratory things happening right now.

    Was “off-the-line” (The Internship? Anyone?) for 10 days on a camping trip this month. Was a little jittery, as you said, at first, but MAN was it AMAZING!! Loved the time with my family and felt like my brain got to relax and breathe a little bit.

    Have fun up North!! May you eat pasties til your heart’s content! (And a little fudge of course, too…) 🙂

  2. We vacationed in St Augustine Florida for 9 days in May and it was delightful. But I am sad to report I was on e-mail and even made a couple of business calls while on vacation (much to my husband’s horror). And I think you are a genius with the eye makeup remover trick. Do tell more tricks and tips. I need help.

  3. Yea UP – it’s one of our fav places to travel….well – just about any place in MI, WI, and MN would be a fav place for us to travel. Thanks for the tip. Have a fine time dinning on pasties and avoiding black flies (they should really not be there this time of year)

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