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I need more time. I spent a bit too much time slowly folding cloths while watching Ralph Macchio host the Today Show this morning now I am multi tasking big time!

Bunny trail, I loved Karate Kid my heart is swooning right now as I think of Ralph waxing on and waxing off he was no Scott Baio mind you(I had at least 100 posters of Scott on my bedroom wall, very embarrassing, I did not need to share that…)well at least he turned into a better man than Scotts.

I have this going for the Cowboy Calzone I am making, from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook, tonight for my family. As I write I am browning..hopefully not burning…the sausage and hamburger that go in these tasty pockets. I will share the finished product with you tomorrow…but you can still comment on this post to WIN the PW cookbook.

Then I got this piece of beef marinating for our dinner on Saturday. Saturdays dinner is going to be chocked full of P-dubs recipes. OOO-Doggeee! I’m gonna be making some work of this project on Saturday let me tell ya! I did turn the meat so it is fat up after I took the picture…just in case there are any PW nazi’s out there.

Now this is a problem for me. I have been trying to get 24oz of water down a day, but am constantly chasing it with coffee…making for ALOT of potty breaks.

This was my snack/lunch today. I needed to share these with you because they are REALLY good. So if you like wasabi, then these are the snack for you! Wasabi, Amen!

Now in the middle of all this I was prepping for another dinner I am making to take to a recipe party. And look at this funny little mushroom!

Yes! I said recipe party. A bunch of ladies are getting together to eat and exchange recipes. My ride is here so I gotta go! I will share this recipe with you tomorrow also!




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  1. oh sheila, don't you just love your water bottle??? i have the red one and the blue one! they are nice because they don't spill water down the front of you like most water bottle do… i am gonna have to get me some of those wasabi almonds… i love wasabi peas. yum yum… well i hope this finds you well. thanks so much for all the laughs you send everyone. 🙂 Elsie

  2. I must ask…why 24 oz of water? Your ER hubby must have told you that you need more than that right? 24 oz of coffee maybe but a touch more water to stay hydrated! OK…the RN is coming out in me but I don't want you to get dehydrated! Love ya!