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If you know me, you know that I obsess about food. If I hear of a delicious morsel somewhere, I WILL stop at nothing to get to it. And if I don’t I will never forgive myself or the person who came between me and my FUhd. Example: the Red Iguana experience or should I say NON experience. Still have not forgotten or forgiven my husband, for that missed-adventure, in Salt Lake City. Dynamo Donut turned out to be somewhat of a MISSED-adventure also, but I will get to that in a minute.
Here’s the scoop. I love food, I love to travel, and when I travel it is really all about the food. This weekend I was at a conference full of “foodies”, although there was nary a one that would go with me on this adventure to Dynamo Donuts. (I twittered it people.) It’s OK I am a big girl, I can do these things on my own.
I have seen Dynamo Donuts on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”, a few times, so when I found out I would be coming to Bloghers Food conference in San Francisco I just knew come “hell or burnt bacon” I was going to have myself a Maple Glazed Apple Bacon donut as seen, on the show, eaten by Chris Cosentino.

There’s Hank, my cab driver, sweet man, not sure what his name really was but I’m going with Hank. Hi Hank! 7:30am I departed with Hank in search of possibly the best donut I would evER eat!
I asked Hank to wait for me while I took pictures, and chatted up the boys behind the counter, and purchased my donuts and coffee.
Oh my, my Oh, yes, yes! I tramped myself on back to see what was happening in the back of the bakery. AAAAmaaaZingness. I was doing the donut happy dance. Probably good no one chose to join me they would have been mortified at my shuffle-ball-toeing for a donut.
No donuty grease smells here, only sweet aromas of chocolate, spice, and coffee. It was luverly.
Cutting each donut by hand, with a….is that a soup can? I think it is. Perfect, just like at home.
There is the man that was very sweet. I ordered 3 “bacon” donuts, and ask for an assortment of 5 more to make 8 donuts in all. He placed my donuts in the smart looking box, and handed it to me with a cheesy smile. I like cheesy, I had confidence in his donut packing expertise. I trusted him. Unlike the people at Wendy’s. I did not check my box…as I check my bag at Wendy’s before I drive away. I trusted him. Did I say I trusted him and I did not check my box? I did? OK.
There he is, the man I trusted, with my 3 Maple Glazed Apple Bacon, 2 Spicy Chocolate, 2 Apricot Cardamon, and 1 unidentified donut.
There is the cutie pie with the dimple that I was hoping would dip me after I did my happy donut dance. This picture does not do him justice…he was flirting with me, I was nervous…I have four kids and a husband dag-gum-it, and a cab waiting….don’t get this donut luvin‘ mama flustered.
Back in the cab. All aflutter from the excitement of eating the anticipated MGABD, and from being flirted with by the dimpled cutie, with the big brown eyes, that poured my coffee. The smell was amazing. I had to wait to partake of my donuts, because my germaphobia prevented me from eating in an environment that was, ummm well kinda germy. I did text big D, my sweet seestor, my son, my husband and anyone else that I thought might care that I got THE donut!
Poor Hank had to smell them all the way back to the hotel I always say “it’s nice to share” so how could I not, share with my cab driver. He opted for a Cardamon Apricot. Hank you have good taste baby.
There it is. The Maple Glazed Apple Bacon Donut. How was it Lester? I hope it was extremely tasty. I pray that you ate it, and didn’t accidentally bump it on to the floor off your bell stand.
Lester was so sweet. He said, “I love the MGAB donuts at Dynamo”.
“Oh my goodness”, I said “I have 3 of them, take one, please take one.”
“Oh no Ms. Johnson I couldn’t.”
Me, “Oh please do, I have 3 of them…take one.”
Lester, “No Ms. Johnson, I just couldn’t.”
“Will you get in trouble for eating at the bell stand?” I asked. “Please JUST take one!” I insist.
OK Ms. Johnson, thank you so much.”
“My pleasure Lester.” I say as I skip back to my room, all giddy about, jumping back into bed, and dropping my face in my box of donuts. Finally sinking my chompers into “THE” donut to end all donuts!
You think that’s bacon? I did. At a glance it looks like bacon. Peering past the donuts that were on the top of it, it appears to be bacon. It’s NOT. You heard me. This is not a Maple Glazed donut with Bacon Crumbles. I really don’t know what the dad-blame flavor of this donut was, I was so annoyed. I frantically dug through the box……..
This is a shot from the edge of my bed as I fell back and cried out, “NOOOoooooo, say it isn’t true. How can this be…..waahahawahhhaha.”
I have had a few disappointments in life. I will get over this. It’s not personal or life changing….well it might have been life changing, but I will never know. I was very tempted to run back down and see if Lester would share a bite with me. Just one bite. I think I could have put my idiosyncrasies about germs behind me and actually eaten off the bell hops donut. I sucked it up. And honestly I did enjoy the Chocolate Spice and the Apricot Cardamon Donuts from Dynamo. Yes, I ate two! They were amazing, truly mouthwateringly delicious!
I also REALLY enjoyed my coffee. It was awesome. Look at the sludge in the bottom of the cup. Now that is what I call a cup a JO! The real thing, something I can sink my teeth into.
Unlike this measly morsel….there it is the elusive Maple Glazed Apple donut with Bacon crumbles….in the paw of Lester.

I still am a firm believer of “it’s nice to share”.

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  1. I'm bummed I missed out on the "experience." But love the pix and I must say I did enjoy my ONE rather large bite! Fun post, friend!

    Reluctant Entertainer

  2. Now that IS what I call a "dynamo" cup of coffee! Just like Greek coffee! And I'll share mine with you any day!

  3. Sheila, you are so funny! I am so sorry for your loss! You are the best story teller ever! Maybe you can mail order one?

  4. oh no! Did you tell Lester?
    It was wonderful meeting and sharing a bus seat with you.
    I hope you did well on the scavenger hunt.

  5. Oh my gosh Sheila… I have seen that episode of The Best Thing… and have had DREAMS of that VERY SAME donut! I was hoping to read a tale of donut heaven; you describing every delicious bite… I am SO disappointed for you!! Who'da thunk?!?! So sad! I DID however try your sushi recommendation tonight at the Tokyo Grill & I must say – YUM!

  6. You are crackin' me up girl! Even though I was fortunate enough to hear this "sad, sad" tale in person, loved re-living it with you through your post. One of these days…you'll get your MGAB donuts. Is that kind of like MTAFC?

  7. hahaha….you are just so funny. I love that you stayed positive after all the dissapointment. Way to go….and at least the others were tasty. I'm thinking the cute, dimpled boy was so amazed at your beauty and blogging ability that he was bumfazzled and gave you the wrong order by mistake. Now you just HAVE to go back.

  8. It was nice meeting you in SF. I wish I made time for donuts. Wow! If you ever come to Salt Lake City, let me know. We can go to Red Iguana. I live in SLC:)