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I made it through yet another Black Friday with out shopping. I steer clear of the mall the day after Thanksgiving, I’m usually still washing dishes and staggering around from my pie hangover. And truth be told I am not a fan of crowds. Unless I’m waiting in line for a cookbook to be signed or something….then that’s another story. I might get into the Cyber Crowd of shoppers tomorrow…and then again I might not. But if I do here are some things I might or might not be purchasing……..or would like loved ones to purchase for said “pie eating” wife.

Any soccer players in your family? A net in your backyard, what a great way to get the kiddos out of the house and the blood flowing.

Or if you live in the Great White North and can’t put your soccer nets out until May then maybe this would be a better choice for your soccer lovers.

Jamz anyone? Just sayin’ this might be a great gift to get your teenagers creative juices flowin’, not that I would be crazy enough to give my kid something that would make the whole family deaf. You might want to put some ear plugs in everyones stockings.

New Jammies anyone? Isn’t it nice to have brand new comfy cozy PJ’s on Christmas morning.

Jo Malone fragrances are a thing of beauty. Fragrance combining gives you the freedom to create your own signature scent. They make it so easy to give their fragrances as gifts with their Art of Giving collection. This is not a hint for anyone…..but I do try to make my loved ones lives easy.

Speaking of loved ones….some ONE that I love….is in need of a new jacket. I have always been super happy with the quality and customer service at Lands End, and it’s nearly impossible to wear out Lands End winter coats.

You can’t go wrong with any of Lisa Leonards jewelry.

JUICY CHRISTIAN! I love this jewelry. It has a great price point and there is something for every gal on your list! I heart Juicy!
Oh these candles are lovely, a new line from Redletterwords. You just won’t believe how yummy they smell, even when they are not being burned. A great gift even for that hard to buy for guy on your list.

The Nook! I have been hearing, “Nook this, Nook that” for months now from my twelve year old. Not saying she’s getting it….just sayin’ I did do some research on them, and they are pretty awesome if you have an avid reader in the family.

You can even buy the big stuff online these days…..not saying that I am…but I think my Kenny would look pretty cute grillin’ up some burgers on this Weber grill.

And wouldn’t I look ravishing in this number. I love this apron from The Hip Hostess. It’s called the Merri Mixer. Aprons are all the rage these days.

One last fun thing from Redletterwords…Bubble Art, what a great gift for a teen, or young adult in college or really for anyone.

Need I say anything at all? Vitamix. Come to mama.
The possibilities are endless…twenty years ago who woulda thunk we could sit down and let our fingers do the shopping….and not just some, but ALL the shopping. From the big stuff, like grills, right down to all the fun crafty stuff at Etsy. Tomorrow I am giving away a Gift Certificate that you could use on yourself or maybe use it to get some of your Christmas Shopping done!
(Just in case you wondered all of the above products are things I found on my own, I have not been asked by any of these products to blab about them. Just in case ya wondered.)

Luv Ya,

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