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Pampered Chef WINNER!!!

I am so excited about this GIVEAWAY from Pampered Chef! The comments led me to believe that you are excited about it too! So without further adieu I will announce the winner of the $50 gift certificate provided by Kelli a Pampered Chef Consultant and friend of Strawberry Cake!

Drum roll paleeeze………….
JULIE said:

I have been eying the biscuit cutters for awhile. And I want another ice cream scoop. and I want the large scoop, already have the medium. I just love Pampered Chef. 🙂

JULIE you are the WINNER of the $50 gift certificate! In my profile you will find my email, send me your full name, and address and Kelli will send you your prize!
Thanks again to Kelli and Pampered Chef for this stupendous giveaway!

Now with that said….can I just say, Fiddy Bucks? Fiddy Bucks…fiddy bucks. Sorry I have been wanting to write that in my tweets for the last two days, but thought it inappropriate. Now that you think I am a complete numb skull I will say this…thanks for reading my numb
skully nonsense.
Luv Ya,

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  1. oh, I get it…fiddy as in FIFTY! Sometimes I have to say things in my head a couple of times to get it. Glad I can talk to myself here as well.