LOOK AT THAT, just look at how fabulous that is!

I headed on down to the farmers market in downtown Grand Rapids this morning…with Big D…bright and early. It was raining…but it was still the best. I LOVE the farmers market, I could kiss it, hug it, and dance down the center of it. But then, unfortunately I would probably be sitting in the mental ward right now and not sharing these pictures with you.

If you have a farmers market any where near you. GO please. Bring your children. Bring your grandma, your husband. Don’t take a shower, just pull on your comfy pants and go.

Oh the flowers…..I restrained myself today. We are headed out to a cottage on Lake Michigan for the week with Big D and her family…so it would be one more reason for my husband to roll is eyes at me as I pack half the kitchen up…..”really, you needed to buy flowers to haul out there”. I could just hear it, as I am loading up my food processor, iron skillet, muffin tins….oh the list goes on and on. We need to eat people, we are on vacation. So, yeah, I passed these beauties by.

If you are from Grand Rapids, and you do go to the Farmers Market on Fulton, you need to go into the Market office and cast your ballot for it to be picked as the BEST farmers market in it’s class in the country! Not sure of all the exact details I was too busy dancing down the sidewalk to my car…but take a second and do it.
Have a great day!

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  1. Wow that is one awesome farmers market. We have a local one here but on a much smaller scale. I wonder how long of a drive it would be from Central Wisconsin to Grand Rapids. Might be worth the drive!

  2. it is gorgeous…wish I was able to get down there more often. Holland FM tomorrow…wanna go?