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CUPCAKES by Design!

Today I was blessed to meet a new friend. Jennifer. She has a cupcake business in my town. Or in the big city near my town. Grand Rapids. Cupcakes by Design. Have you heard of them?

Are you from Grand Rapids or the surrounding area? If so you need to high tale your fanny on over to Knapp Corner and get yourself a treat! They deliver too! Anywhere in the surrounding area that is. Sorry, my out of town peeps……Jennifer is working on shipping.
She brought me a beautiful box of cupcakes. I took every fiber of my being not to open up that box right in the middle of Panera Bread Co. and take a bite out of each one of the cupcakes she brought me. You see I love my children and I knew if I did that, they would be very, very disappointed in me. Not surprised at all…. but disappointed.

Jennifer has a blog too! We have a mutual friend, who got us together. She knew that we would have alot to talk about. She was right! Of course we talked about blogging, and food, and blogging, and food, and well family….I felt like we could have talked for hours.

I asked Jennifer if I could blog about her cupcakes…or even be a guest blogger on her blog. She said YES! I think she was a little worried that I might not like her cupcakes. She wanted to make she I was under no obligation…if I didn’t like the cupcakes. “If you don’t like them no problem, no hard feelings…yadayadayada…”

I thought I would try and wait until my kiddos got home from school to open the box. But it kept yelling my name. I tried leaving the room. Then I vacuumed. I couldn’t take it anymore!

Four words.


I knew when I pick up this “Red Hot Mama” cupcake that there was trouble. It was heavy. Heavy is good. It means moist. Dense. I like moist cake.

Now for the real test of the taste buds. AAAahahahhhh, the clouds parted and the angels sang. This is one seriously good little cake.
This cupcake deservse few more words…Dangerous. Delicious. Moist. Delectably Delightful. DANG that was good. Can’t eat just one. Does that tell you how I feel about your cupcakes Jennifer???!!!

Oh did I say YUMMY?

The hounds came home from school and it was like watching a Discovery Channel show where the lions pounce on a zebra and rip it to shreds. It was not pretty.

I told Jennifer…she’s the owner of Cupcakes by Design, if I hadn’t said that already, that I’m doing a “Week of LUV” on my blog.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!! FEBRUARY 6-11 I am doing a whole week of GIVEAWAYS!!!
I mentioned that…and she asked if she could give away a dozen Cupcakes…if you like them that is no pressure? Well, I tried them and I say “HECK yes I’ll giveaway some Cupcakes by Design!!!!” One catch you will have to be in the surrounding Grand Rapids, Michigan area, for this giveaway. Sorry…please no tears I hate to make people cry. Stay tuned for my “Week of LUV” . And next week I’m going to share with you some luvy dovey type recipes….something to get the ol’ romantic juices flowing.
CONFESSION: I used to hate Valentines Day. It’s a Hallmark holiday right? I looked at it as another day to set yourself up to be disappointed, and spend unnecessary green backs. But now I look at it as a break from the winter blues. An opportunity to show my family how much I love them by cooking some fun “love” themed food, or maybe just their favorites. I don’t get my hopes up anymore for a house full of flowers, or a romantic getaway…or who’s foolin’ who….even one of those giant candy Kisses, I take what I can get baby. I learned a long time ago…it ain’t what you get it’s what you GIVE.…that philosophy makes Valentines Day enjoyable for me. Actually that philosophy makes life enjoyable not just V-Day.
Go check out Cupcake by Designs blog. There is a really funny commercial on there and they are doing a GIVEAWAY right now. You can win the cupcake of the month for a whole year! Oh my. That’s a good one.
Go pay my new friend Jennifer a visit. Treat yourself to something yummy. With something like 30+ flavors you might need to treat yourself twice!
Tell her Strawberry Cake sent you!

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  1. She did a contest on FB to name the one in your photo, the all chocolate one, middle on the top row, I named in Chocolate Divine and my name won! I am getting a gc to get one of them! Small world. We should go there after lunch next week and get one! I love cupcakes!

  2. Sue, the Whoopie Pie did attempt to take over the cupcake world, but I think the cupcake is still winning the race. Although where I live it takes awhile for things to catch on, so the Whoopie Pie may be here in a couple years : /

  3. Ooohhhh they look really good, great photo's too,wish I could just reach into the screen and try a taste!
    Just wondering, cupcakes are still hugely popular here in UK but Whoopie pies are starting to appear here and there.I have tried making them but prefer cupcakes.Is it still all about the cupcake your side of the pond?

  4. Awww, you are so sweet! That's my little sister who owns that Cupcakes by Design. I've had those delicious cupcakes, but, :(, have to drive to Grand Rapids for them. We live in the Detroit area. She did bring me some one time! That's what sisters are for, right? I love your comments, you are very upbeat, and I love your little saying about you holding the strawberry and life gets heavy, but ends up sweet! Enjoy! Janet Kusch

  5. Ooooh, this makes me want to come home just to try these cupcakes. I don't think my Mom would appreciate that, 🙂