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Post Christmas Slump

I always feel a little down in the dumps the last day of Christmas break. It’s ALL over. Now what??? A huge mess to clean up. A big tire around my waist and a ginormous zit on my forehead! My kids are all tired and way off schedule. How did this all happen??? By that I mean…………how did I loose my focus so quickly? Didn’t I just celebrate the most glorious miracle in all the world? And now I am down in the dumpers ’cause I’m fat, out of shape and my house is a mess…… DEEP breath. “Be still and know that I am God”. This is going to be my mantra this year….when I get agitated and fussy I am gonna take a big DEEP breath, take a minute to turn all those dumpers into SUPER thoughts…just take that S and move it to the front and there you have it! It takes a little work and you have to drop a few things like the D and the M. But in the end I think I will be better off for it. So now I am NOT fat I am well fed, and that is not a zit, it’s a sign that I am forever young! My house really isn’t that messy, I need to just chill. And my kids, well, they ARE off schedule and tired, BUT they had fun over break, thats what matters!
Hoping and praying you have a SUPER 2010!


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  1. I like to call it the vacation hangover and it can be a bit depressing! For me it is the dreaded first day back to work – reality, ugh. None of my work clothes fit like they did when I left only a week and a half ago! Then I get there and things aren't so bad, and I realize I wouldn't appredciate the vacation/holidays/eating and drinking everything in sight so much if I didn't have to get back to normalcy! Whew. Twenty Ten, here
    we go – love you seester. CKM

  2. Oh, I can so relate…I too need to take that deep breath and hear God's precious words in my ear to "Be still". Thanks for the reminder!