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Here are a few things I felt like I needed to share with you.

1. I have been throwing away free cups of coffee from Starbucks! For how long, I am not sure. Probably for longer than I want to know. Yes, if you turn in your empty bag from your coffee to a Starbucks they will give you a free 12oz brewed coffee! WOW is that not spectacular? Hoping you knew this one already, and I am the last person to know and not the first. The thought of all those free coffees going in the garbage makes me wanna cry.

2. My dog Jackie, Doots, Buddy, Doodles, pick a name, is doing better. He ate and drank something and hasn’t puked in 4 hours. Hallelujah!

3. I ate Sushi with my sweet sister today. As I am working on an upcoming Sushi project, thus the poll on the right there. Yes, please participate in the poll. It would be much appreciated! Oooh it was so good. But I ate so much I feel like a puffer fish, and now I am not in the mood to make my kiddos dinner. Chips and cheese anyone?

4. I had a fasting blood work today. My doctor ordered it 4 months ago. It was painless. It’s not the needles that scare me it was the fasting that scared the bejeebies out of me! I made it! I didn’t even faint from hypoglycemia, which I have never done, but there is always a first!

5. Thought I would share with you my apple peeling skills. That there comes from years of helping my mom make applesauce! One piece sister, I’m not bragging. I’m just proud of myself.

6. Sorry that apple thing was really random. Maybe you will like this one better. We love Ovaltine! We make malteds nearly every night with the stuff. Did you know it has 8 vitamins and minerals! And yes, I often open my ice cream from the bottom. Why? Because I am a loon, and do this sort of silly thing often.

7. Can you believe all this stuff? This was in my “junk” drawer, the one in my kitchen, underneath where my phone is. That’s where yours is too right? A string, a piece of a branch, a weird pig barrette( nobody has worn barrettes in this house for years!) Then there’s that tube spray thing there, see it? It’s green

Kenny quite often brings stuff like this home from conferences or meetings. Reps from medical type companies have all kinds of goodies to give away. Well one day he had been at some sort of meeting thing-a-ma-jigger and he came home with all kinds of “stuff” for the kids. Pens, tote bags, pads of paper and these green tubular things. One of the kids asked what they were, and Kenny replied “breath freshener”. “Oh”, I thought to myself that’s a new one. Now they”re getting really creative with their marketing efforts these days.

Needless to say it was dinner time and I shooed everyone away from the goodies and to the dinner table where all the loot was quickly forgotten. Until a couple days later Cece our littlest said “mama, what happened to those breath squirter things that daddy brought home?”
I went and dug all the stuff out of hiding and grabbed one of the “breath fresheners” opened it up and gave myself a BIG O SQUIRT, right in the pie hole.


“What the heck??!!!”

It was hand sanitizer!!!!! And YES I took my husbands word for it and never looked at the small print. ACK so glad my chitlins didn’t go squirtin that down their throats!

8. One last thing and I will stop my son loves his guinea pig so much

he studies with him. Smitty that little pig if he could talk, I’m sure he would knock your socks off with his knowledge of the different Indian tribes of Michigan!



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  1. I can't believe you have been throwing away free coffee! What are you thinking! My hubby always steals them before I can use one! Glad Doots is doing better :). We have a guinea pig as well and my daughter Hannah just loves him! Love your silliness! Oh and one last thing, that sushi looks amazing! Have a great day.