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Chicken Caesar Wrap

My daughter ordered this Chicken Caesar Wrap at a restaurant near us. After she had it, she obsessed about it for days. She is hermothers daughter, you know. She kept whining, and begging can we go back to Big O’s and get me another one of those Chicken Caesar Wraps? “Oh, sure fine daughter, I will just drop everything to go downtown to a restaurant that has no parking and get you your much wanted Chicken Caesar Wrap.”

Bratsky. She’s is a lovely girl. Mostly well mannered. Unless you consider hormones, and the fact that the planets are orbiting around her cranium.
What was on that thing?, I asked. “Chicken, lettuce, Parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing.” she answered.
How hard could it be to make?
Not hard.
Now, I too am addicted and obsessing over eating a Chicken Caesar Wrap everyday. But, I bet these are better than anything you can buy in a restaurant with metered parking.
Here’s what you will need:
1 Chicken Breast, grilled, boiled, roasted or however you like it cooked
4 leaves Romaine Lettuce
1-2 tablespoons grated Parmesan Cheese
1 tablespoon shredded Carrots optional
1-2 tablespoons bottled Caesar Salad Dressing
2 Flour Tortillas, or Flat-out Sun Dried Tomato Flat Breads
Yields: 2 sandwiches
Either one works fantastically. The flour tortilla rolls up better if you have warmed it first for about 15 seconds between damp paper towels in microwave.
Cook up your chicken what ever way you prefer. I have this handy dandy grill pan that I LUV! I season the chicken breasts with season salt and grill them for 5 minutes or so on each side.

I love the nutty crunch of shredded carrots on a sandwich. My daughter does not. So you can make the call on the carrots. To carrot or not to carrot? That’s the question.

Caesar Salad Dressing…don’t be caught without it! I love Brianna’s brand of Salad Dressings. They are magnifico.

Slice or shred the chicken.



Shredded Carrots….for eagle vision.


No sandwich is complete with out cheese.

Almost there…

You be the judge on how much dressing to use. I personally am a whacko for condiments.
So this is what I do: generously drizzle dressing on sandwich, then pour a puddle on the plate and dip sandwich in salad dressing before every bite.
Unlike my husband who’s rabbit tendencies leave no room for condiments of any sort.

Thing of beauty.

Now for the wrap technique. Try to contain most of filling in the lettuce…

then fold one side of flat-bread over.

Keep the roll going, nice and tight.

Stick a toothpick in each side and cut on a diagonal down the middle. Giving the consumer the feel that they did indeed pay $7.95 plus parking for this sandwich. Which my lovely daughter thinks makes things taste better.

OOOmPapaMouMou! This is so very delicious.

Easy to make the night before and wrap up for lunches too!
Have you obsessed over a certain food lately?

Check out Quit Eating Out’s Saturday Swap to find more yumm-a-licious food to obsess over!
Do tell!

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  1. YUM! I can't believe I haven't come across your blog before from MLFB. I'm also a Grand Rapidian – have you ever come to a West Michigan Blogs meeting?

  2. What a cute blog you have. Love the design! I also love your step-by-step photos. Very nice indeed. Makes me want to take a big bite!!!

  3. that looks awesome! Burger King here used to have a Chicken Cesaer Sandwich tht was too die for! i miss it!

    I am obsessed with Chuck and Dave's Medium Salsa and any kind of guacamole i can get!

  4. OK seriously if Ains loves the Caesar wrap there then you guys have GOT to try their chicken Caesar pizza. It is the best and I've only had it once and have been obsessing over it in the 3 years since I had it!! Its a big ol' cheesy pizza with a giant plop of chicken Caesar salad on top. Go to Big O's and get yoself some!!

  5. Those look so good. I'm already daydreaming of the purchases I'll make when vacationing back in the states. Flatout wraps are one of them!

    Great lunch (and dinner) and kid friendly (and healthy) idea!