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Coffee Ice Cream Dessert Squares

It’s time to get back to the task at hand, after celebrating a visit from Ree on my blog yesterday. It was quite a day let me tell you. Kenny and I went out for breakfast at our favorite spot and we ate this in honor of “you know who”.

The Real Food Cafes cinnamon rolls are almost as good as P-Dubs. Then I had the Vegi Benedict which was equally amazing. Oooooh it was a good morning!

Then I felt inspired to make this dessert last night.

Killer Coffee Dessert

1.5 quarts of coffee ice cream, use your favorite brand
4 regular sized Butterfinger candy bars
1 stick of butter
2 rows of Oreo cookies or 32 cookies
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1/4 hot dark coffee
1 tablespoon heavy whipping cream
*you will need a rolling pin or mallet, a heavy duty zip-loc bag, 8×11 dish, and a big glass of milk to eat the leftover row of Oreo’s, we wouldn’t want them to feel left out.

1. start by unwrapping the candy bars and putting them in a Zip-loc bag, put the bag in the freezer for a half hour, and take the ice cream out, it needs to get nice and soft to layer in your dessert. Then pick your poison….

either one works well, depending on how much mad you need to get out. Lots of mad mallet. Easy day no frustrations, rolling pin. (Unless you are thinking of hitting someone over the head with it…in that case I would call your local hot line for help, all kidding aside…)

2. Once you have the Oreos and the Butterfingers bashed into smallish pieces put them together in a bowl and melt the butter. Pour butter over crumbled mixture, mix well with a fork, mashing out any bigger pieces as you go.

3. Now layer your dessert. Press all but 1 cup of Oreo mixture in bottom of dish.

Sprinkle 1 cup of reserved cookie/candy bar crumb on top of dessert.

4. Now for the good part! Take 1/2 cup chocolate chips put in a dish pour hot coffee over chips whisk until smooth, then add 1 tablespoon of heavy cream and whisk again. Drizzle desired amount over the top of the dessert. You may drizzle any extra on plates as you serve. The more the better when it comes to chocolate! I hope you enjoy this treat!

Now today I am back on track I am making P-dubs Perfect Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, and rosemary dinner rolls. These rolls are scrumptious! I LOVE pot roast. This was something we had a lot in our house growing up. Throw it in a pot and take a nap, go shopping, brush the dog, or take a walk…Voila! Yummy, comforting dinner.

I need to brag about my husband, down here at the bottom…maybe he won’t scroll through this whole post and read it. He hates to have attention brought to himself, or worse yet to be bragged about. He purses his lips, and crosses his legs and then bounces his leg in a very metro sexual way…it makes him uncomfortable. I picture that in his mind he is crawling into bed and pulling the covers over his and head and saying “please no more just let me be who I am”, with out making a big whoop-tee-doo about it….and who is that?? Awesome husband, father to my kiddos and……

DOCTOR OF THE YEAR as voted by the nurses at the hospital he works at. He was given the “Nurses Choice Award”!

I can say no more….I think he is on to me. He is next to me reading the paper. I made the mistake of asking him a question…”you’re not bragging about me are you?”, “maybe”, “PLEASE don’t”. Uh-oh he just crossed his legs and his foot is wagging furiously! I better go…but I hear this award is a big deal, or so say my nurse friends.

OK, I’m done bragging.

Thanks for listening,


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  1. Ive made that same pot roast recipe – so yummy and so easy. I've never failed with any of the PW recipes!

  2. Okay, now I want to make the Killer Coffee dessert too! So many recipes, so little time!
    Congrats to Ken! Doesn't surprise me. If I ever get sick or have an emergency — I'm going to his ER! I love the metro sexual comment! And bragging about your hubby is definitely allowed!!!

  3. Killer coffee dessert…oh, so good and I lived to tell about it. Really, coffee/cream (as in icecream) and chocolate where meant to be as one! Loved it!

  4. So exciting that Ree commented on your blog! The first time my fave blogger (one of the "big' bloggers) commented on my blog, I was sooo excited!

    Your killer coffee dessert looks like something I should definitely try!

    And congrats to Ken on the award!