Sorry about the screaming title up there. I couldn’t contain myself. I was a little loopy this morning. My poor kids Luke couldn’t find his spelling list, well…because it was here

and my daughter stopped me on the way out the door to say “Mom? what’s with your shoes?”.

Yeh, one of them isn’t even my shoe….

Then I came out into the kitchen to find my kids making their own lunches, because I had randomly jumped in the shower, because I was sweating like a pig and had to cool down before I went to the YMCA to work out.

I talked to my girlfriend on the way to the Y, told her what I did, and her response was “who does that?”. What the sweats like a pig part or the shower before a work out part?

Why was I such a spaz this morning you ask? Or if you know me spazier than normal.


Pioneer Woman said…

Sheila, this has been so much fun to read…and I’m still reading! What a project—I’m emailing it to some friends right now. Thank you for working so hard! 🙂

OH Migas!

Thanks Ree you made my day!


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  1. How awesome is that. Ree is so sweet to encourage you. How did the spelling list get in the fridge? LOL

  2. And that is why Ree is super awesome. I love that reaction to your project SO.MUCH.MORE than Julia's reaction to Julie…