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Over the past 16 years I have gotten used to alone time in the evening. And I kinda like it at night when all the kids are in bed and Kenny is still at work, and it’s just my time to do my own thang.

Life with an ER doctor or any doctor for that matter, is unpredictable. I have learned that if it is a day that Kenny has to work, then I pretend he is unattainable that day. If he is suppose to get out at 4 then I think 6 (and then sometimes its 7 or 8) He never, ever can just walk out of the ER. “Oh, sorry Mr. Lacerated Head, and Johnnie Broken Femur but my kids have a soccer game, gotta go. And Mrs. Puking Your Guts out you are just going to have to deal with it. ” Nope you stay until the last stitch is stitched and for the most part all the tests have come in. I never even talk to him when he is at work, unless it is an emergency.

When I had three wee ones in diapers this made for some loooooong days.

I think that is when I really started my mommy meal ritual. When the kids were little and it would have been a waste to fix a big meal for them, and me. Now, fifty percent of the time when Ken is at work I will fix a regular meal. The other fifty percent the kids have grilled cheese or what ever is easy and THEN when they go to bed it is MOMMY MEAL time.

Which I realize, the after 9pm eating, has most likely significantly played a part in the donut around my middle.

I usually have some sort of chips and cheese or quesadilla. “Napoleon! Just make yourself a dang quesa-dilluh!”

Or a glass of Chardonnay and cheese and crackers….with all kinds of yummy stinky oohy-gooey cheeses, that NO one else in this house will eat.

But my favorite is…..

drum roll pleeeease….

rat a tat a tat a tat, rat a tat a tat a tat, rat a tat a tat a tat….


HEAVENS to mercatroid! This is the best dip on the face of the earth! I first had it at a Greek Feast put on by friend of mine…who is you guessed it Greek. The only downside, or I guess you could look at it as an upside depending on your mood, is that it gives you horrible garlic and onion breath. So if you want the hubby to back off in the bedroom make yourself a bowl of Greek Guac before bed and it is nightie night sleep tight for you. Unless of course he has a cold or pewtrid mouth odors have no effect on him.

Yes, it is a good night when I can plant my butt in front of the T.V., little Food Network, with a bowl of this stuff and a bag of the Kirkland brand organic tortilla chips and have me a FEAST! (I love those chips Costco did not pay me to spell it out for you, but I would be willing to recieve a lifetime of free chips, if they wanted to give them to me)

So I guess you want the recipe…

First, how about a saliva stimulating picture…

Oh YAY Baby! That is the good stuff. Big chunks of tomato, onion, avocado. This is also awesome on top of a hamburger or a grilled chicken sandwich or as a side with any Mexican meal or Greek meal. OK you could just about eat this anywhere anytime, well…..maybe not with Chinese food.


printable recipe
(recipe shared with me by Kristy Buck…thanks friend)
2 cloves garlic, peeled, and chopped finely
1/2 cup Wishbone Italian Dressing
Juice of one lime
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped (remove stems)
4 medium tomatoes diced in large chunks ( I like roma tomatoes best)
1/2 medium red onion, diced in medium chunks
3 or 4 medium avocados (should be slightly firm for best results, not too ripe)
1 cup feta cheese drained and crumbled
optional: 1cup of black olives drained and sliced

1. combine garlic, dresssing, lime juice, cumin and cilantro in a bowl, whisk together. set aside

2. In a medium sized bowl combine tomatoes, avocado, and onions (and olives if you like)

3. now pour the dressing over the vegi’s mix well. top with feta cheese

This is best if you give it at least an hour before diggin’ in, but if you must then GO for it my friend just dig right in.

Serves 8-10 (thats what the recipe says….um this really serves one mom 2 to 3 nights)

You want the onion, tomato, and avocado to be in chunks, not smooshed up or diced too small. This is a very chunky guac. So take your knife and slice a grid in your avocado.

Then take a spoon and scoop out the chunks they will fall right out perfectly in your bowl….

like this. Voila..chunks of avocado mag-nee-freeak!

As you can see I did not have red onion on hand, so a sweet vidalia onion worked just fine too. And I never have put the olives in. I like olives just fine I just have felt the need to add them, so they have stayed out of my “Mommy meal”.

This is a meal fit for a mom, simple, a little fancy…hey crumbling cheese can be deemed as fancy….and just down right dee-lish.

I hope you enjoy!


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  1. I can not wait to try thin – in fact I will just add the ingredients to the shopping list I am writing!

  2. Funny! I just made myself some guacamole the other night for my mommy meal. My husband's out of town on business and nobody else likes it. Of course mine was much simpler. Avocado and lime juice. I couldn't be bothered to add anything else. I was hungry. Yours looks yummy.

  3. I love your posts. This looks amazing. I have a similar ritual when my husband is on call all night at the hospital. He is an ob/gyn. Sometimes I include a movie (chick-flick of course).