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A day in the life….

This week is wacky around here. I am getting myself and my family ready for me to be gone for four days, as well as trying to get some yummy recipes ready to post. I took this picture of my bottom “Tupperware” drawer. There ain’t hardly no Tupperware in this drawer but that’s what we call it. Is that not a crazy mess? Everything thrown in there helter skelter. And there is never a lid that fits the bottom. Why is that. I set out to organize this drawer today, because heaven forbid I leave my husband and kids with an unorganized Tupperware drawer. Why when I have so many things to do, do I let myself get sidetracked with silly stuff?

Well then when I went to post this picture, just real quick, I couldn’t find it. But I found all these pictures in iPhoto. Some I took some I think the dog took….cwazy…

These are the legs of my second son while playing soccer. Very nice picture, so glad I have it. Might need to get it canvas printed.

This is also my second son….otherwise known as pretzel face.

These little pals are what my eight year old is currently obsessed with. “They are only 99cents mom…..(whineeeee)”.

Is there a theme here? Also second son, peering through the window at a tree frog. Hmmm very interesting. Cwazy fawg.

And well, this just looked really yummy.

The field in front of my house was covered with these all summer long. Deep sigh…Summer gone, but fall is here. And when I quit getting sidetracked I will give you a couple yummy Fall recipes.
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