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Isn’t he sweet?

I found these cute, little, felt birdies at Dwellings in Grandville. It was love at first sight!

Did you know that I have a design deficiency?  It’s true.

The interior design sector of my brain, is shriveled and lacking.  If I need something done in my home I either pay for advise, or I pick the brains of my friends who have been given a double share of design talent.  God is good, he has surrounded me with many a friend with an eye for design.

However, Friday afternoon when I decided to finish up my Christmas decorations, I felt it would be selfish to bother others with my sorry sense of design so I headed to Dwellings in my jammies, minimal make-up, desperate, (and tired from being dragged out to do Black Friday shopping by my luverly 13 year old daughter.)  I passed my spend thrifty husband on the way out the door….”where ya goin?” Me, “um I’ll be back in a sec.”.  My completely trusting husband, “K, see ya then.”  Thirty minutes later I’m back with a load of ideas, and a few bags of “stuff”, and a few bucks less in my pocket.  Oh, well….what the heck!  Once I get something I like, it goes back up year after year after year….I’m not one to change things up very often….too lazy…hurts my shriveled design illiterate brain.  So anyway.  My house is decorated, and I love my new birdy friends.

Do you have a design deficiency?  Or are you Gifted and Talented in the interior design department?

Aren’t they adorable?  I just want to smooch-um!  If you find yourself smitten with these birdies you can find them at Dwellings or here.

When do you decorate for Christmas?  Does it stress you out or do you make a party out of it?

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  1. Typically our Thanksgiving tradition is to travel across the state to spend the holidays with Kevin’s family. We leave Wednesday and come home Saturday to have time to spare so we can decorate for Christmas. The boys get so excited about putting up and decorating the tree! It’s been such a long time since I’ve invested in some new “bling” to decorate for Christmas. I’ve been wanting to get some new “stuff,” but like you, decorating is not my strong suit (unlike Carla who has such a great style in everything she does!). I ended up wrapping my typical pictures that hang on the walls in Christmas wrapping paper & bows. Wow, what a difference something so simple can add.