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31 days of Meals 4 Sharing:: Reasons 4 sharing a meal.

I want to you think BIG.  There are many reasons to bring someone a meal.  I am going to share with you 15.  Yes I said fifteen different reasons for sharing a meal/food with somebody.   And here’s the thing I’m sure there are more that I haven’t even thought of!

I wrote meal/food.  Did you catch that.  I know my series is 31 days of Meals 4 Sharing, however sometimes you don’t have to make a full meal…..I will expand on that laytah.


Why would we share food/bring someone a meal?

~To help them out, to fill a need.

~To show them we care about them, and their basic needs.

~To celebrate.

~To say thank you.

I will be sprinkling the 15 reasons for sharing a meal here and there throughout the next 29 days!  I am not sharing them in any specific order.  I will give you meal ideas, recipes, timing techniques,  and what to say/not to say, for each reason.

Are you thinking out of the box when it comes to Meals 4 Sharing?

I would love to hear some reasons people have brought you a meal.

Stay tuned for #1…it’s really not THE #1 reason, but well blah blah blah…you know what I mean!

AND be sure to check out the other bloggers taking up the 31 day challenge!  You can find them all HERE.

hug hug  kiss kiss,

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  1. The biggest thank you I ever got was when I gave meal to a friend’s family when she was busy helping her BBF whose husband had just died in a car wreck. So many people were focused on the widow, that the people closest to her needed help with their families.

    I also like to keep meals handy in the freezer. I’ve been known to grab one and take it to a neighbor when I read on Facebook/Twitter that they’re having a rough day. The sigh of sweet relief when you call and say your coming with dinner is priceless. I have NEVER gotten turned down on those days.

  2. You have inspired me. My in-laws are rolling back into town today from being gone on a 3 week cross country venture. I am dropping dinner off to them for tonight. I never thought to do this before because they have more time than me….right? mom-in-law is the one who always cooks for us….right? Thanks for the inspiration to think beyond myself:) btw…nothing fancy, just chicken enchiladas.

  3. Hi Shelia,

    You have me thinking. Up til now the only time I have shared meals (or desserts) is when A) someone has been ill/had a baby or B) I shock myself by making something delicious and have to show off with my neighbors ~ hee hee. But it is true.

    Love what you are inspiring here.

    xoxo michele

  4. oh– my favorite resources for creating a “meal team schedule” is the “Take Them a Meal” website. We have used it several times, works great.

  5. My neighbors and former co-workers were *amazing* when I had my babies (18 months apart). My work friends got together behind my back and committed to bring us dinner twice a week for three weeks, which was so generous and appreciated. Then my friends and neighbors were also bringing meals on other days, so we were very well cared for during those early, sleepless days of babyhood. Some of my sharpest memories of that time are the individual meals that people brought us!

    And, when my mother-in-law passed away four years ago, we had a very large reception at our home following the memorial service. The food that so many people brought created this beautiful, amazing spread — and one of my friends that doesn’t cook appointed herself head of kitchen operations and really took care of making sure everything ran smoothly. It was such a beautiful gesture in the midst of a very sad time for our family, and one that we will never forget.

    So, you can imagine that having been the recipient of such kindness, I am usually the first in line to bring a meal when I know someone is need. Now I can crank out a chicken-broccoli-casserole or a Mexican lasagna like nobody’s business!

    1. Laurie,
      Thanks so much for sharing. I really love to hear how others have been touched by others caring for them. What a great story about your friend that doesn’t cook, but she used her gift of leadership to take charge. This is the body working together! love it! Love You ; ) Sheila

  6. Sheila!

    What an AMAZING and INSPIRING idea! I grew up in a town where all you did was bring people meals. If they were sick, down, sad, a death, a birth, graduation,- you name it, you brought it! I found it so weird when I moved to Texas and offered to bring my first meal to a family in church who I didn’t personally know but who had recently had a baby. My friends were floored? I thought nothing of it?

    I love this idea and I will try to do it right along with you. It is in the little things like bringing someone food that can change a life, a heart. Those of us who like to cook have been given a talent to use it as a blessing for others. This is a perfect way to remind us of that! Awesome!

  7. Last week I took a meal to a friend whose mom was suddenly in the hospital. I wasn’t sure if she would even be home for dinner, but the rest of her family still needed dinner and this way she didn’t have to worry about them. I made something and included detailed instructions so her high schooler could warm it up when it was time. (this was a stressful thing for me which is why I am so excited about your series!)

    1. Love it! This is exactly the kinda thing I mean when I say think BIG…really it seems so little but in the larger scheme of life it’s ginormous! Thanks for sharing Lori. XOXO