Gulf Coast Coleslaw

Coleslaw can tend to be soggy and boring, not this coleslaw with its surprise ingredient and sassy dressing this recipe will win over even the most skeptical!Gulf Coast ColeslawWhen we vacation it’s all about the food.  We all look forward to finding new, and interesting places to eat, and often if we find a good spot we will keep going back!

Gulf Coast ColeslawLast year we visited Indian Rocks Beach for the first time. It’s on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  We fell in love with the beaches, the amazing sunsets and all the great places to eat within walking distance.  We made a habit of walking down the beach at sunset to our dinner destination, then we would walk the lighted sidewalk home, but not without a stop at the Kooky Coconut for ice cream. (by the way they have a dang good lunch too!)

One of our absolute favorites is Keegans, if you are in this area you have to give this little joint a try, I could honestly eat there most nights!  So good! Not fancy, or perfect just tasty food at a good price.   Another thing I love about not cooking and eating out for a week or so is that I get new inspiration and I am always motivated to get back in my kitchen!

Gulf Coast ColeslawOoh isn’t that purdy?  This coleslaw was not from Keegans, it’s from another Indian Rocks restaurant called The Pub.  This place is not exactly a favorite of mine, but their coleslaw makes it worth giving this place a try.  They do have a nice deck, if the weather is good, it’s nice to sit outside, as long as the seagulls don’t steal your grouper sandwich.  Not that I’ve ever seen this happen or anything.

Gulf Coast ColeslawThe mandarin oranges are such a surprise, at first I was like what did they throw in my slaw?  Sort of picking around at it, but as soon as you try it, you’re sold.  Sweet, citrus, crunch, tangy, and slightly mustardy sauce it’s quite honestly amazing!

Gulf Coast ColeslawOne thing about slaw is you don’t want to put the dressing on it more than an hour before you serve it, or it can get runny and slightly soggy.  Mix the two components separately and then when your about ready to eat toss them together.

Eat2gather.netMy girls and their daddy walking to dinner together.  Sweet memories.  Sigh…I wanna go back!

Gulf Coast Coleslaw

Gulf Coast ColeslawSpring and Summer cook out beg for this coleslaw to be on your table!  I’m telling you on its own or piled high on some pulled pork, this stuff is nom nom nommy.


Enjoy, Sheila


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