Reuben Dip


Hot Reuben Dip with Rye ToastsAre you ready for some FOOTBALLL??  Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday!!  My husband and Super Bowl both turned half a century old this year!!  While my guy loves himself some football, I love myself some snacks while watching football, and to be honest the Super Bowl commercials are really what I’m looking forward to!  Remember this one?   Sorry, I can’t help it, this one still makes me laugh out loud!!


Hot Reuben Dip with Rye ToastsEvery year I try to come up with a new dip for the Super Bowl Sunday smorgesbord. My sister was telling me about a Reuben Dip she makes, she said you pretty much mix everything that’s in a Reuben sandwich together minus the bread bake it and Voila!  Oooey Gooey reuben dip!


Hot Reuben Dip with Rye ToastsRye Toasts

You may be saying….I’ve never even had a reuben, or you may even be saying I don’t really like reuben sandwiches.  Well I think you need to just give this dip a try despite your shortcomings in the taste bud arena. It’s good people!!  So good!  I nearly ate half the dern recipe myself while recipe testing.


Hot Reuben Dip with Rye ToastsAnd it’s easy…no sauteing, not too much chopping, pretty much dump all ingredients together, mix them well……


Hot Reuben Dip with Rye ToastsSpread dip ingredients in a baking dish, top with extra cheese…


Hot Reuben Dip with Rye ToastsBake and eat!!  Yes ma’am this here is some good chompin’!



Hot Reuben Dip with Rye ToastsSometimes when you are having an appetizer potluck you don’t want 10 large pans of dip, they don’t all get eaten, in that case, freeze half of this recipe for later and bake the other half for now!




So who are you rooting for this Sunday?  Denver or ummm who’s the other team?  Oh yeah sorry Carolina Panthers.  Well, I guess you know who we will be cheering for!

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What will you be dipping your crackers in this Sunday?  Hopefully one of these dips!  Enjoy!  Have fun!  Be good!

XOXO, Sheila

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  1. 1
    Janey :

    I was looking for another dip recipe to have ready for the family on Sunday – this will be a huge hit! Thanks for refreshing my memory of that so funny commercial! Happy eating on Sunday. Hugs

    • 1.1
      Sheila :

      Yeh! Some more Reuben lovers! Have fun and enjoy!

      • Janey :

        Hi Sheila – I wanted to report about the family response to the Reuben dip – Huge (huge) approval! I’m revealing a secret now – I had a little left over – along with several slices of Rye bread, so for lunch the next day, I had a Reuben dip sandwich – delish!! Thanks for sharing the recipe – it’s a keeper!

        • Sheila :

          OH my that sounds heavenly!! I had a reuben for lunch today, at a deli in Lansing, I couldn’t resist!