Green Goddess Dressing and grilled vegetables

Green Goddess dressing, made with greek yogurt, is fresh, light and full of crisp flavors. It is so versatile! It can be made and kept on hand to be used with a variety of different recipes.
Green Goddess Dressing with Grilled Vegetables

I’m a saucy gal!  I love an abundance of condiments and sauces on any and all foods.  Salad make it a double.  Meat, yes please!  Vegetables, oh of course!  Green Goddess dressing is spectacular drizzled, poured, and puddled on a variety of foods.  I especially love it poured over grilled vegetables, leaving an extra puddle on the side of my plate for dipping.

Grilled Vegetables with Green Goddess Dressing

Grilled vegetables can be eaten as a side or on their own, or the grilled vegetables could be stuffed into pita bread and drowned in this lovely dressing.

Where does this name come from? Are goddesses green?  Or is it so fresh and bright, and lovely it’s goddess-like?  I’m really not sure.  One this is for sure it makes me want to sing the yummy song.

Green Goddess DressingGreen goddess dressing is super easy to whip together in your blender.  Honestly aside from the fresh herbs you most likely have all the ingredients in your fridge or pantry.  As for the herbs they can surely be found easy enough at your local farmers market or grocery store!


Green Goddess DressingThe key ingredient in this particular dressing recipe is the addition of low or zero fat greek yogurt.  Not only does this cut calories (which allows me to double drizzle!) it adds calcium, and packs a protein punch without adding carbs!  I’d say these are definite bonuses for any condiment lover! (Want more information on why protein is so good for you check out this article!!)



Green Goddess DressingI think I already said this, but it’s worth saying again!  Green Goddess Dressing is so easy to make, literally put all your ingredients in your blender, turn it on and do the cha cha cha kitchen dance and that’s it.  Give your dressing a taste, add salt and pepper to your taste and there you have it!

Grilled Vegetables with Green Goddess DressingNow lets talk about the grilled vegetable.  So easy! So tasty.  Make them as a side, or for your main course.  The best thing about this recipe is the prep can be done hours, even a day ahead of time if you’re entertaining.  This is also a great way to get your kids in the kitchen with you!  Line up the veggie’s give them a skewer and let them take part in healthy meal making.  What better way to get kids to eat their vegetables!

Tip: I always make extra grilled vegetable skewers, because the leftovers are amazing reheated, or simply placed on a bed of lettuce with Green Goddess Dressing, or used as pizza toppings, I have even used leftover grilled vegetables in omelets.  The possibilities are endless!

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Green Goddess Dressing with Grilled Vegetables

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    I’ve never grilled skewers of just vegetables. I’ve always done mine with meat but these look fantastic. The dressing sounds so tasty!
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      Sheila :

      Maureen, Thanks for popping in to say HI! Hope you are feeling better these days. XO, Sheila