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Luckily, very few people read my blog, and those of you who do hopefully will forgive me.

Because WHATDOYAKNOW! It’s not Fat Tuesday!
I’m a very large DorkenSchmorken. Thats German for dizzy lady. Not really but in my everyday German speech it is. Yes I have my own little German dialect that I have come up with over the years…..
But that’s beside the point. The POINT is that I thought it was Fat Tuesday today, and it’s NOT!
I realized this, unfortunately, after I hit post, jumped in my van to get my hairs refurbished, and I started thinking about the calendar. OH MY GOOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS (I heard Tooties voice in my head) It’s not Fat Tuesday. What if readers everywhere are running out to buy paczki’s and there are none???? What have I done?
EEEEErrrt…that’s the noise of my brain screeching to a halt, because I am pretty sure no one ran anywhere….I am pretty sure if you did read, you may never come back and read my blather again.
I started calling people from the highway…I know that’s even worse, than falsely posting that it’s Fat Tuesday. I was able to get a hold of my sweet friend Dee.
“Dee is it Fat Tuesday?”, I hollered in to the phone.
“I just posted that it was Fat Tuesday, is it? Google it!!! Now WOMAN! GOOGLE!” Of course she sweetly said, “sure just a sec……Nope, it’s not! Not until March 9.”
Oh HEAVENS TO Betsy!!!!
I’m sorry. I’m sorry, that I you wasted your time…I’m sorry, I am such a dorken schmorken.
I’m REALLY sorry that I wasn’t able to get me a dozen paczki’s today!!!!

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  1. I am loving your blog.I have been reading over your posts and have bookmarked the tomato basil soup!! I am so very excited to make this.You make your posts a lot of fun to read. I look so forward to reading more!!

  2. Yes we do! Dorken Schmorken UNITE!!! Dee I think you actually meant to say that Lent starts on March9. I probabley got ya all flustered with my bossyness! : D LUvYa, Sheila

  3. apparently I don't know how to read a calendar or google random dates with accuracy! lol – us dorken schmorkens got to stick together!!

  4. Sheila, you are so sweet! It is quite alright as we all have days like that:) At least this way, we can all be thinking ahead to Fat Tuesday and not have it surprise us! May have been God's way to get some of us to start praying about the Lenten season and if indeed there is something He is calling us to give up during that time! Loved reading about your road trip — wish you could have stopped in to say hi on your way home! By the way, we have Greater's, Montgomery Inn and PF Changs here, too! So, see you soon?

  5. You soooo remind me of me Sheila! I am cracking up. The funniest part is not only is it NOT Fat Tuesday, March 9 isn't a Tuesday either!!!! March 8th is close enough, huh?? 🙂

  6. March 8th actually, lol! I know it as shrove tuesday, or pancake tuesday. We always have pancakes for dinner that night.