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lifes a BEACH!

Life is rough. I am telling you all the sun and sand is just wearing me out.

Just kiddin’……

I could live here, I could totally stay here, and never go back to my semi-suburban life. I brought my food processor what more could I need? I brought my iron skillet too, so I got that covered. All my kiddos, and Kenny and I am good to go!
Who needs grass when you can hear the waves crashing on the shore and feel the sand between your toes….

And look at these smilin faces! I know it might get a bit cold in the winter months….but oh the ice on the Lake Michigan is a beautiful thing too.

My oldest is a fish….

a skim boarding….body surfing…..paddle boarding kinda fish…

Whoa, CHILD!

That’s my extreme sport kid!

Fires on the beach…smores…kids swimming into the sunset…..

Yippee, yahoo, the waters warmer than is has been in the last 20 years. We are celebrating….hoping it doesn’t mean we have a problem, of global proportion….

The sunsets….we love um!

sigh….deep long relaxed sigh…thankful sigh…..

Tonight is our last night…we are doing a shrimp boil…aaahhh sigh….shrimp, fresh corn, taters, crusty bread…and friends….deep big nostril sigh….life is good.

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  1. Hi, Its your mom! Surprise. I love "the Lake" no one in Florida or anywhere else we've traveled to understands the "Lake",its importance to any West Michigander, or how wonderful it is to get to stay there! Wonderful pictures! Love Mom

  2. I love the beach too! My posse and I just got back from our favorite beach in Delaware. Love happy, sandy kids!

  3. So much fun! Thanks Johnsons for allowing us to join you on another summer ADVENTURE! Love you guys~The Fribergs