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Cold Tangerines WINNERS!!!

Oh I am so sorry that it took me longer than I anticipated to get the word out on the WINNERS of the very awesome book Cold Tangerines. First I want to say thank you all for your awesome comments. They made me get goose bumps. It was a hard post for me to write….thanks for encouraging me. I love you guys….I really do.

The reason for my tardy announcement is we are visiting our friends the Lindseys near Columbus, OH. This town rocks….1st because the Lindseys are here (Kennys went to Miami of Ohio with them both) and second because we found the most spectacular ice cream joint. Jeni’s….cha, yummy. So yummy I am dang glad it’s here and not anywhere near me. If it were I would be sportin’ some extra baggage in my backside! And oh yeah we stayed up super late watching iCarly. I love Spencer, he’s such a nutball.

Ok, Ok…bunny trail. Thanks to my good friend Randy Random here are the winners:

elkerwidow said…
I can’t believe I am the first to post!!! :)What makes me belly laugh is relaxed fun time with family and friends. I just got to experience that again this weekend. I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time (or that often).

HARVEY said….
My son’s laugh….the way he comes up with the wittiest stuff to say… & his way of being sneaky!

So please you two shoot me an email (my email address is in my contact information over yonder on the upper right hand side) and give me your pertinent info. Name. Rank. And serial number. Or maybe just your full name and address would work best. I will get your book to you in a jiffy!

Remember, I will get my grouchy eyes on if you don’t claim your gift! We don’t want that.

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