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To commemorate the Pioneer Woman’s birthday today I am finishing what I started in my November 28 post! I was really hoping no one would read that day, after I opened my big fat mouth. Now its out there and the hounds are at my back to follow through. Jeepers! So, if you are joining me late I stated, that maybe I should do the Sheila & Ree project. Where… I cook through the Pioneer Woman Cooks (P-Dubs cookbook), in three months (easy), with out going up a pant size (HARD!). And if you have totally had your head in the ground for the last year and missed the whole Julie & Julia Project buzz…well then…what can I say….really I am at a loss for words for what I would say to you. (If you TRULY don’t have a clue you better google Julie and Julia Project, and then get back here…FAST.) I am copying that whole scenario. Although, I am cooking through a mere 65 recipes not 524! And there is not one aspic recipe in the whole PWC book, so I am feeling pretty delighted about that!

So here is the bummer, because I have been slacking for the last 6 days and could have been getting some blogging done on this “project”, I will start today, AND because this is a blog about enjoying life and not stressing myself out here are MY rules.
1. I Sheila have until the end of March to cook every recipe in the Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook.
2. I am going to cook them in no apparent order, because WHO DOES THAT?
3. I am now wearing a size 8 jean, by most accounts anyway. Well you all are just gonna have to trust me on this one! And I vow to stay in that size (or should I say I pray)
4. AND last BUT not least this will also be my first give away!!!!!!(pick yourself off the floor sisters) YES you too can have a signed copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks at the end of this shindig! You must however, comment on my posts.(And don’t forget to leave your name and email when you comment, so I can track you down.) So comment away, but please be nice… I have a sensitive side where P-Dub is concerned. And if you pass this along to someone else and they comment that you sent them, then guess what you get an extra comment in the bucket!

My first random recipe is one of my favorites. I have made this at least 5 times since I bought the book on November 19. It’s the French Breakfast Puffs. As you can see by the above picture by the time I got my camera out there was only one left. Two seconds later this is what that plate looked like…..

These muffins are wonderful. I dream about these little morsels. They have just a hint of nutmeg, and are moist and heavenly. Any muffin that is dipped in melted butter hot out of the oven and dredged in cinnamon sugar is dream worthy.

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  1. I have been awaiting this project's start since Demetria told me about it. Of course, I am on WW so probably can't do the recipes. Oh well!

  2. I am so excited:) I loved the Julia and Julie project, so this will be awesome to follow. Plus I am always looking for fun new recipes.

  3. Giddy…I am so giddy with excitment that this is underway! I couldn't get to my computer fast enough after getting my text this AM. I raise a glass to you my dear and wish you good luck on the pant size thing….this food is just too darn good for that worry. You better get your workout shoes on and hit the gym!

    I too love those muffins! YUMMY! Again, good luck sister and I look foward to the next three months of eating and blog reading!

  4. I'm in for taste testing and a spin on the elliptical, if so needed. I love ya girl, you make me smile everytime I read this, can't wait to see what's next.

  5. Hey – I'll taste your food and then you can come to boot camp with me twice a week where my instructor will kick your a@! right back into those jeans if need be!! šŸ˜‰ So excited! Love you! CKM

  6. What a great idea. I saw Demetria's post last night! I follow Ree as well. Loved Julie and Julia. Look forward to following your adventure. Good luck with the pants. FYI, we met in Chicago at the One of a Kind Show with Demetria and Harmony. Happy cooking. Robin

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