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the WINNER is……..

Maybe it’s from lack of sleep and just too darn much fun, but when I read the winner’s comment I started to sniffle…

Carrie (Robins relative…my sushi friend) won, BUT she is giving it to her daughter who lives on a ranch….

Well JUST READ IT, maybe grab your tissee-U first if you are feeling the least bit emotional.

Anonymous said..
I would give the cookbook to my daughter who first tried to introduce me to PW but I brushed her suggestion off thinking I would not be interested in a ranch woman blog. Then Robin and a niece were talking about P Dub on FB and my interest was piqued. Now I am addicted to her site and recipes.To Christy, the IA hog farm raised daughter who bleeds cowgirl now that she lives in WY and loves to spend her weekends branding, vaccinating, and sorting calves for the ranchers who have become her friends. Your mom loves you more than her luggage.

Carrie, Robin’s relative

Carrie, Darlin, please email me. I don’t want to get my grouchy eyes on.

I am so so so excited to be able to share a bit of Ree with you.

Did I say how excited I am to give this cookbook away?

Thanks everyone! I think I luv you guys more than my luggage too…

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  1. Oh Sheila, I am so happy that my cousin Carrie won it for many reasons! Thank thank thank thank you! So glad you had an amazing weekend and hope it takes awhile to come off of Cloud 9! See you soon. Robin

  2. I loved my cinnamon rolls you sent home with Hubby. Thank you so much! What a great way to start a Sunday-cinnamon rolls, coffee and then church! I don't think it could get any better than this. Have safe travels home!