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Ribeye Steaks with Whiskey Cream Sauce

If you’re talking to my butcher they are Delmonico steaks. But, it’s really not about the steaks, it’s all about the SAUCE!

Oh my Land! This whiskey cream sauce was so, there aren’t even words for how delicious it was! In fact I think I could have skipped the steak all together and just ate the sauce.

I had to dig “Jim” out of the back of my pantry and dust him off.

“Jim” usually only makes a brief appearance for a certain pie I make and will share with you when you guessed it, this lil’ project is over. My brother-n-law says this pie its better than “you know what”! He doesn’t actually say “you know what”, but this is a wholesome family type blog. So we will leave the “what” to your imagination.

It took a little messing with the heat and adding more cream for me to get it just right, but it was worth it!

Buttered Carrots, Roasted Potatoes, Salad and Pioneer Woman’s Rosemary Rolls joined the Ribeyes at the table. If you had to make one of the above foods you need to make these Rosemary Rolls!

DAM! they are good!

I am not really into cussing so I avoid it by misspelling. I feel it doesn’t count then well, I do on occasion say poop, darn it all, dag-nabbit, and OH Shoot! But that’s beside the point these rolls are so dam good you just have to try them, and they are so easy my 10 year old could make them. Really….

But my 10 year old did not make them, instead my kids were all in a tizwad over this robin…

They found our golden retriever Jack pointing at, its wing was broke. My oldest daughter was heart broken for this bird.

daughter speaking:
“poor birdie”

“I feel so bad for the birdie”

“I need to go check the birdie” (five times during the meal that I put blood sweat and tears into ok now I am being a little dramatic.)

mother speaking:
“uuuuhhhhh, no the bird will be just fine while you enjoy your scrumptious meal….”

“uhhh no we are not going to go cut up a worm for it, right now”

“it won’t starve while we are eating our over the top yummy meal.”

Ugh! How does one fully enjoy a meal when their child is moping over her plate thinking that the life of a robin depends on her, and only her! I’ll tell you how one does it with a fork and a knife and and a napkin tucked under my chin.

No problem call me callous, unfeeling, hardened, morbid, call me whatever you call someone who can go on eating as a birdie suffers I can take it.

We did finish our second to the last of our Pioneer Woman Cooks meals in relative peace.

Unfortunately, birdie did not make it.

Thankfully Kenny was home to take care of that, he deals with broken wings and death on a regular basis, so he handled the situations swiftly and tenderly.

OK on a lighter and brighter note.

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Let the best Cowgirl win!

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  1. Those rolls look amazing! I think you just changed my dinner plans tonight Sheila! As for the Robin I feel your daughters pain, one flew in front of my car on the highway last week and I felt awful.
    -Sarah Madsen

  2. Meal looks amazing!!!
    I too have had to deal with dogs catching things like little rabbits who I would try to save with no luck ๐Ÿ™
    What a cute site you have here! I just found it through Ree on Facebook so now I will be an offical lurker/follower ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a wonderful Easter and God Bless!!!

  3. I still love the chocolate sheet cake the mostest or the Marlboro Man sandwich (even though it isn't my hubby's fav)

  4. I LOVE the rosemary rolls and how easy they are. I actually still have yet to make them, but I'm planting rosemary this weekend so I can make them ALL the time!!

  5. This is so cool. I just found your site. Thanks for the giveaway! I have to try the rolls….love carbs.

  6. I have tried this recipe and went the whole nine yards. Thank goodness there were no injured birdies to ruin the perfect meal. Honestly, it totally is the best meal on earth.

  7. Oh the poor Robin! Looks so good, the food that is, not the Robin! Love those rolls. Made a whole PW meals last night. Still in the food coma. Can't believe you are almost done :(.

  8. so Ali was peaking over my shoulder while I was reading and saw the steak pic and said "ohhh that looks yummy, what is it" I say Steak with cream sauce and she says "oh nevermind". Honestly! She likes steak and loves sauces???? 7 year olds… Looks faboulus and when I win the cookbook I will be trying this!

  9. What a funny blog! Enjoyed it. Thanks for the contest. I love all of Pdub's stuff, however the steak with whiskey cream sauce I haven't tried yet. My anniversary is coming up so I'll probably make it then : )

  10. Oooh! I need win this cookbook just to make this steak whiskey recipe! And the rolls… let's not forget the rolls. It all looks yummy! Sorry birdie.

  11. I've made those rolls, they are delicious. I would have insisted on finishing the meal too, its the mother in us.

  12. What fun….you are the "Julie" to Ree's "Julia"…there could be a movie yet!
    I can't wait to try the Whiskey sauce too…thanks for the chance of a signed book! I'll join your blog if I can figure out how it's done.

  13. Hi Sheila, thanks for stopping by my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that you made all of Ree's recipes–that's really impressive! I'm curious, what your favorite recipe from the book is. Sorry the birdie didn't make it; I hope your daughter is okay. Good thing you're married to an ER doc to help explain situations like that!

  14. This is like a DREAM meal for my hubby….steak, whiskey, whiskey, steak! I love those rolls too! Such a great presentation in the pan. RIP little birdie.