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Ree’s Chocolate Sheet Cake

I made this yesterday, because I was having a chocolate fit. I felt shaky and weirdly nauseous. I NEEDED CHOCOLATE! This cake is a crowd pleaser. We used to make it growing up but we called it “Texas Sheet Cake”. I guess when you are from Oklahoma you just call it sheet cake, but up yonder in the northern territories we call it Texas Sheet Cake! Probably because it’s big…..big on flavor and big on size. You bake it in a 11×15 jelly roll pan.

AAAA AAAWWW-AAAA-AAWWW-AAAaaaaAAAAA-AAA-AAAaaaaaaaaa that’s the Little Mermaid sirens theme song. That’s what goes through my silly head as I gaze upon this chocolaty wonder. Someday I am gonna get all techy, crazy on you and put sound bites of my singing…..Oh you just wait.

There it is…delicious! The problem is that here I sit in my work out cloths with a plate of this moist, chocolaty perfection. I just got my butt kicked at the YMCA in the Friday morning “core” class and now I am hunched over my computer with a HUGE cup of coffee and a piece of cake the size of Ree’s Ranch! Instead of maybe coming home drinking my 36 oz. of aqua and taking a shower…..

Ok enough about my poor habits…I wanted to share with you one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. It’s this little whisk thing. It is super for sauces. It gets right down there in the pan, right in the corners where a regular whisk does not. I love this thing. This one I bought at IKEA, (Have I told you I am a FREAK for IKEA??), but I bet you can find one just about anywhere. So there you go kitchen gadget tips by Strawberry!


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  1. i make that for my mother in law quit often. i put a little extra cocoa in it tho. i make it for her because her mother and father passed away last yr 2 months from each other and her mother always made the "texas sheet cake" 🙂 she loves it when back them.. she is a chocoholic! esp. since her breat cancer. i will probably make her some this week. she is having her breast surgery on Tues. she is gettin some new ones finally! she had a double mastectomy last may.

  2. Oh my stars! That was the best Texas sheet cake I have ever tried. Molly and I took a few bites immediately and she said: "I want the taste of this in my mouth FOREVER!" Thank you so much for the intervention.

  3. My MIL made this Texas sheet cake for me and I didn't like it. I thought it lacked chocolate flavor. So should I give this recipe a try to replace that bad memory? Perhaps you can do a sheet cake intervention and drop off a piece at my house.