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Super Bowl giggles

The Super Bowl is the same age as my hubby, that’s an amazing fact for you to stick in your fact pouch! Saying that Kenny is a sports fan is mild, sports freak is more accurate. He can get a little intense during big games. I have a hard time being too close to him during games of any sport. I am a jumpy person, so I am constantly on guard that he is going to jump or holler and scare the bee-jee-bees out of me.

We don’t really have a Super Bowl tradition. It usually depends whether Ken has to work or not, and this year he has to work, so we are doing the family thing. Oh don’t you worry we are gonna eat like crazy people! We are having Spicy Pulled Pork Taco’s and all the fixin’s, and the boys are hoping they can talk their father into stopping at BW Wings on his way home from work for hot wings, my big girl wants guacamole (love her!), and my little girl just wants pop to drink, easy! I also made P-Dubs Queso Dip, and her Restaurant Style Salsa!

Kenny is routing for the North and I am favoring the South. I am not sure what his connection with Indianapolis is, I want New Orleans to win, because I have a soft spot in my heart for that town after all they have been through, and of course I hear they have some good eatin’ in that town, so they just have to be winners!

I have to share with you my real love of watching the Super Bowl. The commercials! I can’t wait to see what they will come up with every year. I have my favorite stored on my computer…when I need a good giggle I dig it up and laugh my panties off. I thought I’d share it with you, hope you laugh your panties off too!
Unfortunately this video is not longer linkable, if you care to search YouTube for Budweiser horse fart commercial you will be able to watch. Hope you LOL too.

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