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Thank you to all of you that contributed to my lunchbox week with your comments… Amy Dawson had some good suggestions for those of you that have kiddos with peanut allergies in her comment under “sandwich alternatives”. (Check it out)

My youngest daughter said having a smoothie in her lunch was more like Legoland than Disney world (?). Ok. They did enjoy them, and I forgot to add that I put a straw in their lunchboxes to make it easier for them to drink out of the containers.

Yesterday I was going to post under the title “it’s FRIDAY!”, but I couldn’t. It really didn’t seem appropriate…. . My sister-n-law’s father-n law had lost his battle with colon cancer this week, and our dear friend Eric Fox was no longer able to fight in his battle with ALS. Two fathers lost in one week……..

My heart aches for these wives and the children. Give your husband a extra long hard hug today. I have the Fox’s blog in my blog roll over there on the side….please read it. Take a moment and read. I promise it will change your life. In the short time we were blessed to know Eric he changed mine; my kids, and my husbands lives.


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  1. I didn't know the Fox family but is still broke my heart when Demetria told me. My prayers are with both the families who have lost a loved one.

  2. So sorry for your great losses this week and praying for those two families. You are right, the Fox Trotters site will change your life. Thanks for sharing. I just read several posts over the last hour. As I sit here in tears, I feel very blessed by God and so feel for that family but truly as Lori put it, he is in a better place. But their loss will last a life time. What an amazing family.

    See you this week!