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Preparing for my Cowgirls….

Shopping, shopping, and shopping some more. My husband is getting tense. It’s not that the meal is complicated, it’s just that I want it to be just right. And I needed an excuse to finally put lamps on the tables by my couch that have been lampless for two years! I hate messing with interior decorating. I burned myself out after building three houses and picking out every stinkin’ thing on my own. Done with that now I beg friends and hire it out on occasion. Lamps are not all I have been shopping for….

Look at this baby this would be the beef tenderloin that I am serving my cowgirls. Have any of you ever bought 10lbs of beef tenderloin before? After they gave me smelling salts, I picked myself up off Bob the Butchers floor and called my insurance company to upgrade before driving this investment home. I was not taking any chances of it rolling or bruising so I thought I’d better buckle him in. All kidding aside you ladies are worth every penny!

No these are not my Cowgirls these are my little man dudes. I went to school to help them sell pencils and folders. Just so you know this “Ree project” hasn’t completely taken over my life. I do get out away from the kitchen on occasion, besides shopping for groceries and lamps.

Oh and this picture is for brownie points with my tense husband, I am gettin the oil changed in my van. ON TIME! Yes, wonders never cease….

The spectacular mushrooms that I had to skip my work out for this morning, BECAUSE they take 9 hours to cook! Start time 8:25 AM.

Creme Brulee…need I say more?

Have I ever told you that I love FLOWERS! I DO! I love flowers! So this was a good excuse to fill my house with them in the dead of winter for my ladies. It’s like 16 degrees! Yowza fresh flowers will cure that!

This is my sweeeet son that shoveled the sidewalk for my “cowgirls”.

Ok I gotta go, my “cowgirls” are showing up and OH my GOODNESS gracious me, “the Naked Cowboy” showed up all the way from NYC!


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  1. Came over from PW. Love this idea, I bet it was a blast. I hope you have pictures to post. Oh, and I love the flowers, makes me smile on a dreary winter day.

    The Park Wife

  2. Oh, Sheila…where do I begin. Thanks so much for having me, us! What a fun, Fun, FUN night. I know it was alot of work. I hope you enjoyed yourself and know that we all appreciate and love you so. Cook on sister, cook on!