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munchies and RAMBLINGS………

Bacon and Blue Cheese Sweet Potato NACHOS!
Is anyone with me on this one? Three of my favorite foods. Why wouldn’t they be fantastic together? Well they are!
However, they are not a lite bed time snack…..So possibly a whole cookie sheet full of Blue Cheese and Bacon Sweet Potato Nachos was a bit too much snack for just myself.
Yeh, NO. No one else in this household was willing to share in my heavenly snack with me. In fact they all acted like I was eating poo or something. Hey more for me.
This the kind of thing I fix myself to eat when my Lover is out of town. Horrible. I turn into another person when he is out of town. I eat all kinds of junk, take the kids out to eat alot, and I eat munchies like the above, IN BED. Gasp!
Ken would never deny me a luverly snack, but he wouldn’t appreciate me crawling into bed next to him with a plate full of these babies. He would never say anything, I just know it would annoy him. You know how you just know these things about your spouse, with out him ever having to say, “Honey you totally gross me out when you crawl into bed with a plate of Cheese and Bacon Nachos that smell like my gym shorts”.
So I save munching on blue cheese in bed for when my better half is out of town.
My Kenny works ALOT, but he doesn’t have to travel too often for work. For that I am thankful. I don’t know how some of you do it, that have a traveling spouse. I hate it when he’s gone. I hate it when he has to work. In fact I CAN’T WAIT until he can retire. God willing we will both be healthy and be able to enjoy each other in his retirement years.
I have been feeling overly dependent on my Lover these last couple days. I think because he has been working long hours and now he is going out of town, then he gets home and it’s busy, busy, busy life with work, and kids, and yadayadayada. I am sure you all know how it is. Then I leave for 4 days with our oldest son to NYC. When I return it’s right back to work for Kenny.
Am I preachin’ to the choir?
Sorry….life get’s crazy doesn’t it.
Of course, God had just the perfect words for me this morning. In the midst of my hectic morning, four kids to school at three different times, and getting my Lover out the door. I took a minute to quick cram in my devotion.
The first line said, “This is the time in your life when you must learn to let go”.
Wow, really?
Then the scripture was this…”do not fear; I will help you.”, and “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.”
God is so good! Even though I was trying to quick throw Him into my morning, haphazardly I must say. He chose to ease my anxiousness about my husband being gone, and gently remind me, Hey! I am your all in all. Sheila all you really need is me, I gave you Ken as your life companion, but you need to look to me, your God. I am all you need.
Phew! I feel like a new woman. I so needed that reminder. I can handle it with Gods help. That takes alot of pressure off my Kenny too. Although, it would have been nice if he would have remembered to change that light bulb by the back door before he left, the one that’s too high for me and I need to get a ladder. GOD HELP ME!
I hope you’re encouraged to know that God wants to be your all in all. People will fail you and have to leave you to fend for yourself, no matter how much they love you. But God never fails or leaves us.
Now Lord, can you help me eat this with out any of those nasty fat cells exploding around my middle.
Thank you Lord.

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Scripture is from Isaiah 41:13 and Hebrew 13:6

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  1. Oh I am definitely with you on this one. That looks amazing and you have chosen 3 of my favorite foods!