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keepin’ it REAL- I’m a classy chik

This week I just feel like I should reveal a few things about myself to all of you. Just in case you had the wrong idea about who I am.

tap, tap
Oh! Hello…Hi… there you are, erhmmm….
So as I was saying….I didn’t want anyone to think I am something I am not. For example you may think I am a real classy chik. Married to a physician and all. We must have all the right right dinnerware. Platters and plates and bowls and just cupboards full of china.

Like this cute polka dot vegetable platter.

That just so happens to be a plastic plate that is a treasured gift from a good friend to my youngest daughter.

But look…

it can be more than just a plastic Mickey Mouse….


You just need a glass cup from the dollar store, fill it up with Ranch dressing, and add some snap peas and carrot sticks and you have yourself a very cute vegi plate.

This was my real fancy spread for my Seestor and her husband. That cute spoon in the hummus it’s a baby spoon from Ikea. I hope I shattered any misconceptions you might have had about me. I really love you all and want you to know what I am really all about.
Just keepin’ it real,

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