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A picture speaks a thousand words….

This photo of the white board calendar, hanging by our back door,  speaks volumes about my life these days.

What does this picture say to you, about me?

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  1. It tells me that the only way to keep up is to have 2 white board calendars! I finally broke down and did it. That way I always have a month out posted. (It doesn’t ALWAYS help though!) 😀

  2. It tells me that you’re feeling disorganized, chaotic, “behind the ball.” Tells me like you’re feeling anxious and like you’re scrambling to figure out where to be and what to do next…so busy you can’t even BEGIN to figure out where to start. My suggestions would be to sit down with your coffee THIS morning for 10 minutes to make a game plan. Get out all the sports schedules, and whatever else you may have with important dates on it & start filling in the next 5 weeks. It may look overwhelming writing it all down, but shortly after that…school will be done & life will quiet down (slightly).
    Good luck!

    1. Haha you are right I do. I knew there was a reason I never moved on to April. But that doesn’t answer some other weirdness about this calendar.

  3. I think it says you are SO busy, you don’t have time to write anything down! By the time you do have time, it is months later…. 🙂 Somehow the days get shifted because it is really hard to remember what month it is! 🙂

  4. Tis picture tells me that your life is just like mine…time is flying by at the speed of light, and we haven’t quite realized how to keep up with it!

    1. Yes mach speed! and I’m not sure if I got on the bus or the bus just passed me by…. ; D I will write more about the craziness soon! Hold on tight girlfriend!