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Head in a pan

My head is in a Pan. Most days I just want to curl up in my own comfy world and not know what is going on outside of my nest. I am not a news watcher. It is something I stopped doing about 13 years ago after I had my first child. Watching the news brought to my attention that I had brought another person in to this mess…..and it stressed me out. Or FREAKED me out, completely. My husband reads and watches, he is well informed. I wish I could be well informed with out feeling hopeless, stressed, and freaked out. I have heard and read about Haiti, but to be honest I have watched very little coverage on T.V.

What am I trying to say??? I don’t know…..I guess I am confessing that my head sometimes is in a pan and I need to take it out. I need to get out of my self preservation mode. So many people are doing so many good things, if nothing else, when something like this happens it gives me a glimpse of the true heart of most people. The compassion, the guts, the raw courage people have to drop everything at a moments notice and go to Haiti or where ever it may be to HELP.

The Pioneer Woman- Ree Drummond donated 10 cents for every comment on her site which ended up being 28,000+ comments plus she gave away 500 dollars to the organization of two comment winners choice. The 2,800 was split up between the top three suggested organizations. Which are:
American Red Cross
Doctors Without Borders
Compassion International
I went to each of these sites and it was very easy to donate. So if you are feeling that you need to give in that way please click above…I hope I have made it easier for you.

Let us not under estimate the power of prayer. We can take of our time to pray. Prayer can move mountains…… my challenge to you is to pray, move a mountain with your prayers for Haiti and the people there, the people going there. If you go to LifeChurch TV they are having a special time set aside that people all around the world can pray together. Their sight also makes it very easy to donate. My head is out of the pan. I am moving forward in prayer for the people of Haiti……



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  1. Oh, me too girl! I just want to hide from it all…but I am way too nosey for that…gotta be in the know!