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P-Dubs Chicken Pot Pie

We are in the home stretch people, twenty something recipes to go and 27 days left till the big GIVEAWAY! Get your comments in! If you can get a friend to visit and make a comment and tell me you sent them, I will give them 5 entries and you 5 too!

I made the Chicken Pot Pie for dinner and of course it was amazing. I too make a chicken pot pie of sorts. I put biscuits on top of the filling in mine. Everyone in my family agreed that the filling in Ree’s had a better flavor. OK, I can handle that, my feelings aren’t hurt or anything. I’m tough!

This was my second time around with Ree’s pie crust. The second time around was better, than the first do you recall the “epic disaster”? See this pastry thinga-ma-bob? This is a must if you are going to make a decent pie crust. Some say you can use the food processor, but why this pastry cutter is so much easier to clean!

Look at those chopped onions and celery oooh the flavor of it all.

And carrots yes this is a carrot being peeled and then subsequently chopped into little pieces. Remember the days of whole carrots that we actually peeled and ate like Bugs Bunny? I’m trying to get myself back to the good ol’days!

I have to admit. I was a bit of a recipe rebel. I attempted to double the recipe, but had to fudge it around a bit. I doubled everything except for the flour and the cream. And it turned out just fine. What definitely sets this recipe apart, from the one I am used to throwing together, is the heavy cream and the wine oooh baby! I’m here to tell you, heavy cream and vino make any recipe scrumptious!

I thought we might be having dinner guest, but then that didn’t happen, so I was able to bring our abundance of dinner to one of my favorite families the Foxes. What a blessing this family is to so many, so it was fun showing up with dinner all hot and ready for them. I just love delivering food to people. I brings me joy!


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  1. I have never before made pot pie (other than heating up the frozen banquet ones LOL) but this looks smaching…I will definately have to try.

  2. Oh, girlfriend…you make me giggle. I can't wait to try this one but I am not sure the kiddo's would approve. We will have to see.

  3. You are a hoot! I would just like to watch you working in your kitchen some day – more entertaining than the Food Network for sure!

  4. Looks good! After I saw Julie and Julia, I too thought I needed to cook through Ree's cookbook. I could see it now…a movie called "Hilary and Ree". But I will have to wait until my kiddos aren't 3 & 1 with more time to cook! Until then, I will check in on your "Sheila and Ree" project! Hope you are having fun with it. I enjoy your post!