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This would be my bread machine. Shoved away in the oddball cupboard above the microwave, along with some seldom used cookbooks and recipe clippings. Go BULLDOGS! That machine, and I have been through alot together. Thirteen years, four babies, three kitchens, in sickness and in health, through thick and through thin, in sweet times and in stale. Well I think you get the idea, my bread machine and I have been pretty close. I wish I would have put a mark on him for every loaf of bread he’s baked, and every batch of dough he’s kneaded and rose. At times I have felt somewhat ashamed…like because of my dependency on him, I am somehow a lesser baker. But because I use my oven every day does that make me a lesser cook.

These are the things I ponder….

In the beginning I never let him out of my sight. He had a special place in my heart/kitchen. But as the years passed other appliances have whipped and beaten him to my affections.
In search of a recipe, I opened the cupboard above the microwave, which is above the coffee pot. The cupboard that is always near, but then just too far. I stood on tip toe, in my thread bare socks (I need me some slippers, man…the tile in our house does a number on my socks), cranking my neck to reach the book I wanted. Then I realized…..it has been a dang long time since I had used the bread machine. I stumbled back wondering if this wasn’t as good a time as any to rekindle our once kneady relationship. Should I get a step stool to get him down? Or just tip him out of the cupboard until he leaned on my head and then pray for a safe landing on the counter below.
Of course, I chose the latter choice being that I am one to react now and think later. It worked out. He gave my head a kiss, he’d been missing me. Then he slid down into my arms so I could embrace him fully, swinging him around with all the strength and passion I could muster. He, my bread machine…..just in case you forgot and thought I was actually lifting a man out of my cupboard….made a safe landing on my kitchen island. Sigh……
I had me a little conversation, right then and their with my neglected appliance…..”Hey…it’s been awhile. Wow, did I not wipe you off before I put you away. Egads! you’re a mess. I’m so sorry. You think you still gotta few loaves left in ya? Wanna give er a try?”.
This is what I do. I talk to my appliances….strange but true.
I cleaned him off. Good as new. He still loves me.
Do you have an appliances you once were once smitten with, but now have tucked away in a cupboard or storage room somewhere. Maybe you should take it out and dust it off and rekindle the love you once had. Or at the very least give it away and clear up space in your cupboard, if you’re sure your relationship is over, that is.
I, however, still have a twinkle in my eye for this hunka, hunka……and to that I say let’s make some bread baby!
Yours Truly,

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  1. So funny that this is your post…Nick just dusted ours off and asked if we should get rid of it. I made a loud sigh and said "NO WAY! I love that thing!" Well, I still haven't gotten it out but I would love to try a new recipe. Will you feature a bread machine recipe next?