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BACON Vodka and a cocktail

Maple Bacontini. Uh-huh….that’s what I said Bacon. This is not the typical pastel, fresh, citrusy, Spring cocktail post. Nope. It’s not. If you know me at all you’ll know I don’t do typical very well. But I would bet my bottom dollar that if you love bacon, like I love bacon, you would savor yourself this lovely cocktail anytime of year.

Tomorrow many of my foodie friends and bloggers are high tailing it to Atlanta for BlogHer Food a conference for….well food bloggers, of course. I was going to go, but the timing was not the best, for many reasons, so I sold my ticket and I am going to be watching my son play soccer all weekend, in Traverse City, instead. Traverse City is a very foodie friendly town, I think I will be just fine UP North.
I went to BlogHer Food last October and that is where I laid my lips on this luscious cocktail.

Behold…. the Maple Bacontini!

This was Gwendolyn our Maple Bacontini whipper-upper. She was fast and efficient, and I was tired and hungover the next day as a result. (I actually don’t remember her name, but I think Gwendolyn is a sassy cute name….so voila her name is Gwendolyn!)

So because I was reminiscing about BlogHer Food in San Francisco…..
And because it’s a dreary day that calls for a little OoommPH!
And because I really love you and wouldn’t want to hold back anything magnificently bacony and delicious from you. I’m going to share how you can make your very own Maple Bacontini.

Back in January, I decided that I needed to serve this as the signature drink for my Cowgirl Dinner Party. One problem the key ingredient Bacon Vodka is not available for purchase in Michigan. Wah?! What does the great state of Michigan have against bacon infused vodka? I was not going to let this stop me. I decided to figure it out on my own, I did, and the result was luverly.

This is what you will need for a Maple Bacontini:
1 1/2 pounds Maple Cured Bacon or any old bacon will do if you can’t find the maple
1 750 mL bottle of Vodka
1 pint heavy whipping cream
Chocolate Liqueur
1/2 cup cold Maple Syrup

Become friends with these two. Hello Bacon. Hello Vodka.

Fry up all the bacon. Reserve 5-6 pieces for the bacon rimmed martini glasses.

If you have a large measuring cup, 4 cups or larger, pour the rest of the bacon in along with all the grease. Every last drop of bacon grease.

I did not buy expensive Vodka, I think pretty much any vodka will do the trick.

Pour the whole gol‘ darn bottle of vodka in with the bacon. Save the bottle you will need to pour the infused vodka back in it.

Help them mingle with a stir of the spoon.

Now transfer this concoction to your freezer. And leave it there for at least 3 hours. I left mine in the freezer over night.

This is what I found.

All the fat had come to the top and solidified. Which made it very easy to remove.

OOOhh that is not very appetizing. Remember we are making Bacontini’s not Braintini’s. Give that a toss in the trash or give it to your children and tell them to go play bacon grease frisbee in the backyard and watch as every dog in the neighborhood shows up for the game.

Now you will need a bowl that is easy to pour from and a strainer. Pour the Bacon infused Vodka through the strainer into the bowl.

Let it drip for a 15 minutes or so, let all the goodness settle in. Throw away the bacon, then pour the strained vodka very carefully, or if you have a funnel that always works too, back into the Vodka bottle. And there you have it. Bacon infused vodka for your Maple Bacontini or for a Bloody Mary, with extra Tabasco and lots of pickle juice, if you are into that sort of thing….

Chocolate Liqueur is yummy, and necessary, and vital to the making of this cocktail.
As is one of these Cocktail Shaker doohickys. Of which I did not have, and had to call my more cocktail proficient friend to ask her to bring one over. That is what friends are for right? Lending you their cocktail shaker doo-hickeys.

Well I walked you through the Bacon infusing process step by step, but I must have dropped my camera or something because I don’t have one picture of me actually making the Maple Bacontini. I can however tell you how, sans photos.
It’s really quite easy. You really don’t need to have pictures…I promise.
First thanks to my friends at Porkbeinspired.com that twittered me the recipe.
Maple Bacontini
1 part Bacon Vodka, 1 part Chocolate Liqueur, heavy handed splash of whipping cream, combine in shaker with ice and pour through strainer into a maple syrup and bacon crumb, rimmed martini glass.

Just a few tips:

1. Make sure the reserved bacon is chopped very fine, put bacon crumbs on flat dish for dipping.
2. Maple syrup needs to be really cold so that it’s thick and sticky, pour onto a rimmed plate.
3. Dip martini glass in syrup then into bacon crumbs, mix cocktail, pour into prepared glass, and repeat!
Almost everyone gave me that scrunchy nose, questioning look when I served them their first cocktail of the evening…..I didn’t give them a choice, they had to try it. Everyone loved it and many asked for another. They were pleasantly surprised by the subtle salty smoke flavor the bacon vodka gave this cocktail.
It was definitely worth the effort of making my own Bacon Vodka. I hope you give it a whirl, your friends will love you for it!
Hope your Wednesday is sunshiny and full of bacon!
I will miss all you BlogHer Food peeps. I can’t wait to read all about the great time you have in Atlanta. Have a cocktail for me while your at it!


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  1. I just heard that they now make bacon flavored vodka! I wonder how that would taste. Also in a bloody mary perhaps.

  2. This drink is making me smile just thinking about it. I LOVED reading about your CowGirl Party. It sounds like such a fun way to spend with girlfriends. I so wish we could've both gone to Blogher Food this year. Maybe next? Especially if it's somewhere warm and sunny! 🙂

  3. how interesting. never ever heard of this before but I can see how the bacon can be so good in it. the flavors sound delish. So much fun- what a great post girl!