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Bacon Bananas and Birthdays

Heavens to Betsy I feel bloated and hairy…..

Maybe its because I ate this for breakfast….AND then I was forced to eat this for dinner!

The Festival of fat….fried chicken, cheesy potatoes, biscuits&gravy….

If Christmas wasn’t enough my boys birthdays are this week. Luke’s moving into double digits and Noah will officially become a TEENager! Of course, somehow I have made my children’s birthdays all about eating. Favorite breakfast, favorite lunch, favorite dinner, favorite dessert. WHAT have I done? I feel like the girl who turns into a blueberry and rolls away in the middle of the Willy Wonka movie……Cause you know they eat barely enough for a mouse and then mom feels obligated to to not let anything go to waste because there are starving kids……. every where these days…..guilt plays a big factor in my eating.

For dessert Luke wanted chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream filling, and chocolate frosting. I tried to talk him into the 7 minute frosting (fluffy and marshmallowy), but NO, more Chocolate. HELP me……………I love chocolate but that’s a bit much! I made the Devils Food Cake from my NEW Magnolia Bakery Cookbook! Filled it with Fox Fudge Freak-out ice cream and frosted it with a chocolate butter cream frosting just as my 10 year old ordered.

Now today I am back to the books…cookbooks that is. The teenager wants chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting….FOR THE LOVE OF……..somebody help me. I need respit. Oh I am just kidding….you know I love it, it’s my jeans that are hating me these days. Noah is giving me a break mostly for the rest of the day. He wanted Cream of Wheat for breakfast, smothered in sugar and Hershey syrup….I can do that. Then for lunch its potato skins with cheese and bacon.

I’m still working on that one……

Then for dinner the teenager (I like calling him that) wants to go to Kobe its a Japanese Steak House…..they seat you around this big griddle and cook your food in front of you and give you a little show at the same time flipping food in the kids, mouths…..they love it. I don’t mind the food, it’s the fact that we have to share our table area with complete strangers that bugs me. And if we got seated with another family that would be one thing, BUT we always get seated with some couple that is either on their first date or drunk, or the last time we were seated with a couple that had a crying baby and they were fighting….. YIKES not appetizing, but the rest of my family is usually completely oblivious to our table guests so I guess its my problem.

The TEENager like DOUBLE rice….tryin to bulk up.

I am just about ready to slip into a grease and chocolate coma…..I definitely need to go outside and shovel….but its soo cold out there AArRgggG. I’m never gonna look good in a two piece bathing suit again anyway. Might as well put on a fresh pot of Java Jo and eat another cupcake.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Noah and Luke! My TEENager's favorite restaurant is also Kobe! Alex LOVES that place. My biggest complaint is that you end up smelling like it when you leave! Welcome to double digits Luke! Ryan enjoys being 10 — now he says he's a tween. Whatever that is! Okay Sheila…. for my birthday can you make….. let me think on that one! Thanks for the blogs! Lisa

  2. You are creating great memories for the kids by making them their favorite foods for their Birthdays. My mom always did the same thing and I still remember it like it was yesterday….my favorite request was chicken fried rice. She would make it from scratch unlike me who would call the Blue Ginger…Chicken Fried Rice to go! Tell the boys Happy Birthday & Happy New Year. I am looking forward to an amazing 2010!

  3. FINALY!!! I have been checking back everyday since Christmas and nothing…so glad you are back on the blog. Love the new pic's, especially of the guinea pig. Happy Birthday to your boys. What a fun week you have had. Now, if you need someone to share cupcake or bacon with,you are going to have to find someone else…I am turning over a new leaf. Just fruits and veggies for me in 2010. Ah, who am I kidding…bring it on sister.