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NYC here WE come!!!

Next week is Spring Break. I’m not heading South with the rest of Michigan. I am heading due East with my oldest son.

We are going to New York City BABY!
Alot of people have asked, “Why, New York City, with only one of the kids”. Why not?! My son has been asking to do a road trip to the Big Apple for a couple years now. The idea of doing it with all four kids….is a bit overwhelming, for my husband and I. Too many people and too many choices. We would be spinning in circles. And then there is the tiny little fact that my littlest one likes to wander and also likes to touch everything…this gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it. (Think, scene from Elf where he is eating ABC gum from the subway railings.)
I love NYC!
The truth is I selfishly I want my son all to myself. He’s 14, next year is High School, and drivers training. Life after this year is going to get busy and then he will be off the college.
So I’ve been planning……of course my planning has been mostly all about food. Actually every vacation I take is all about food, and then maybe some shopping, sunshine is good, but not necessary. I asked a certain New Yorker…if there were any good eats we should NOT miss. I guess that was a hard question to ask of someone…it is New York…he gave me 2 1/2 pages of places I can’t wait to try. Justin you ROCK! It’s always good to ask a local.
I also Yelped alot. So often I have seen something on television and it really doesn’t live up to the hype. Using the Yelp, Urbanspoon, or Chowhound websites are all good ways to read what others have to say, and draw your own opinion.
Of course we are going to do more than eat. I’ve been to the city a few times. But never with a teenager. So I’ve been trying to pry out of him the things that he would really like to do or see in NYC. Right away he made me promise NOT to make him go to a Broadway Show.
WHAT! Gulp, really?
I have drug him to his fair share of musicals. He’s not a fan. He is ALL about sports. So Kenny got us tickets to see the Knicks and the Cleveland, Cavaliers. Whoo~Hoo(sarcasm). I hope we see some celebrities, because basketball is not my favorite sport to watch. How dare I say that in the middle of March Madness? I know. I think my grandfather just rolled over in his grave!
My girlfriend sent me the link to the Broadway Play Lombardi, so we’ll see maybe we will get some Broadway in yet…..although it’s not a musical. It might be something Noah would enjoy.

The Green Lady
THE List of things we must do while in NYC. Keep in mind we will be there 3 1/2 days.
Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island
Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
World Trade Center Site
Grand Central Station
Brooklyn Tabernacle~ Sunday Service
Central Park
Chelsea Market~ home of the Food Network
Empire State Building
NBA basketball game
Rockafellar Center/NBC Studios
Food Tour I’ve done this twice before and I would recommend it! Great way to really get to know a specific neighborhood.
Eat the whole time.
Lower E. Side Tenement Museum
Circle Line Tour
And last but not least, grab a snack. Maybe shop a little.
I realize we may not get all of the above in, but if I have my way we will. I will definitely find out if my son has my wanderlust or his fathers. I am a bit spastic when I’m on vacation. I just want to do it all and see it all. I have that “I can sleep and sit on my tush when I get home” attitude. (Unless I am poolside in Costa Rica…then I am fine with sitting on my keester.)
We will definitely have to do the above when we get home. Recombobulate. Have you seen this sign in an airport? I think it’s hilarious.
What are you up to for Spring Break? Or has Spring Break already come and gone for you?
I can’t wait to share with you our favorite EATS of NYC!!
Do you have a favorite place to eat in the Big Apple? I’d love to hear about it.
Here’s to vacation! Be Safe!
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  1. Have fun and be safe! Can't wait to hear about all the yummy stuff you find. And I think it's great you're going with just one. What a cool mom memory for him!

  2. Hey girl! Your blog is wonderful! Your kids are adorable, that thai chicken recipe is the bomb, the sweet potato nachos are calling my name and I am so jealous you are going to NYC! I know your going to have a blast and I think it is a great idea to go with just your oldest son. He needs that mommy time and he is old enough to really enjoy what he is experiencing.

    So glad you stopped by the other day so I could find your site! Have a fabulous day and keep it up. I am following you now!

  3. Have a great time in NYC. We're just finishing up posting reviews from our latest excursion last week. Some faves: Bobby Flay's Bar Americain; Seasonal Restaurant and Weinbar; Virgil's (my wife loves the BBQ). Travel safe!