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31 days:: bring your NEW neighbor a meal!

I personally think bringing a meal, to a new neighbor, is the most intimidating of all the reasons. What do you think? You don’t want to descend on them like the mod squad and freak them out. Ding Dong Ding Dong HELLO Welcome to the neighborhood WE WANT TO FEED YOU!   It’s hard to know your boundaries with new neighbors…it’s a whole new ball game.  Maybe you loved your old neighbors, that just moved out, they were like your family,  your feeling a bit sad,  and don’t feel like  putting your heart out there again to someone new.  It’s just a meal not an engagement ring.

There is one thing I know for sure, unless they are super humans, their cupboards are going to be bare for at least the first 3 days of moving.  So what better way to say Welcome to the Neighborhood than to walk over a nice hot meal. Better yet. Head over a couple hours prior and tell them that you are bringing them a meal, so they don’t order pizza instead.  Or if you are busy, and making a meal is not going to happen, you can bring them pizza!  Whip together a salad, and a boxed mix of brownies, Voila!
If it looks like they have lots of help and family around and it’s just one big moving in party that you feel uncomfortable about crashing. Well then when the cardboard dust has cleared and all the boxes have been picked up by the moving company, then head over with a meal. Chances are they are still trying to get their barrings in their new home, neighborhood, and community.

Here’s an IDEA, invite them into your home for a meal, then you can get to know them, and they you. They could probably use a break from the unpacking, and would welcome stepping out for an hour or so!

Bringing a new neighbor a meal is also a great time to get other neighbors involved. (Read day 10 for a refresher.) Call around,  you can all piece together a meal for the newbies. What was that saying again……

Oh yeh “many hands make light work.”

Many hands can also bring many blessings! Nothing is harder than being new to something.  But when someone breaks the ice and shares a meal it could the beginning of a great neighbor relationship!  Or not, I realize neighbors can be challenging at times…..

But if we step out of your comfort zones and show the new kids on the block some love, even though you may never be best friends you will most likely be crossing paths daily, so it’s nice to make them feel welcomed.

The above quote encourages me, it’s a reminder that I need to care about others, not just MY family.   I have to step out in faith and dare to put myself  out there.   I need to share with others my time and resources, ie. vittles!  AND when we do this we will live ABUNDANTLY! I want to live abundantly,  don’t you?

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Believe it or not, I am not the only one doing a 31 day series in October.  There are like 80 gagillion of us out there…or maybe it was 700ish, that sounds more like it.  If you have a second  check some of them out, go here.

Here are a few of my favorites, My 3 Monsters, Texas Cottage, Wellsprings of Life, The Inspired Room, The Reluctant Entertainer, My 3Boybarians, The Great Read .  These are just a few!  There are so many talented writers out there it just boggles my noodle!

Remember the good Book says “love your neighbor as yourself and bring them a meal when they move in.” Look it up…it’s in there!

Much LUV!

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  1. When I go to the dollar store, I buy ample fresh produce, and as I cook
    it up for myself – fresh asparagus with lemon/butter sauce; fresh artichokes, etc– I bag up a
    portion of it in a separate baggy – the artichokes with a little mayonnaise just dropped
    right into the baggy; quarter a naval orange and put it in a baggy– simple, inexpensive
    snacks – I drop the baggies off in a brown paper bag at my single neighbor’s house. It gets rave reviews and is SO simple and nutritious and is appreciated so much by people living solo! It helps
    working singles avoid that let-down of going home to an empty house and provides a little help
    getting over low blood sugar and the “arsenic” hour after a long day of work. It helps buy people time, as they feel better physically so they can face the evening, plan and make a meal later in the evening for themselves or run errands after work/

    1. Elaine, I love this! Your comment made my heart sing! Thank you so much for sharing, I love to hear all the creative ways others love on those around them. You are very inspiring. muchLUV, Sheila

  2. Don’t forget when your neighbors are moving out too. When everything is packed or in two different houses what a blessing it can be to receive a hot home cooked meal =)

  3. Your ideas have been fantastic and I bet that you are teaching so many! Yeah!

    Love your inspiration, girl! Yesterday I took 2 meals to my friends whose mom’s died, in the same week (89 and 92) and a bag of bulbs to my new friend in town who just bought a new house. It was a joy! Oh, and a box of apples to another friend. It was my “delivery” day, just not in my neighborhood HA! 🙂

  4. love this idea. this year all the new neighbors almost upon arrival had a new baby so I feel like I hit 2 birds with one stone. thanks for helping us think of the many ways to bless those around us!

  5. You are the sweetest – in the kitchen and out! Thank you for the mention. When we moved into our current home two years ago – our neighbor came over with a bouquet of fresh herbs from her garden, tied in a small strip of fabric that she saved while living in Paris. My kitchen smelled of fresh rosemary for days. It wasn’t a meal, but it made me think of her whenever I entered the room. It is something I try and do when I can’t think of something to make, or it is the carry along in place of a salad (I’m awful at making salads).

    I love what you have created here. It feels like home.

    xoxo michele

  6. This is always such a nice thing to do! I remember when we first moved into our neighborhood, a neighbor brought me freshly-baked cookies, which was such a nice surprise. It made such an impression on me that I try to do the same for new neighbors (although usually I make brownies :))