Pecan Sandy Scones

Scones are a slightly sweet biscuit, perfect for sharing and always great with a warm cup of tea or coffee! Pecan Sandy SconesI’m a sucker for a good scone.  Not just any scone, it cannot be crumbly.  No scone of mine is crumbly.  Dense. Yes.  Slightly sweet.  For sure.  Pie shaped.  Not necessary, but pie shape does make me happy!

Pecan Sandy SconesI haven’t made these scones in a long time.  I actually had to take a wee break from scones.  They were, at least I am mostly certain, they were, the cause of my knickers not fitting.  Yes when I eat scones I say knickers, cause you see scones are a Scottish, and I’m pretty sure the Scotts call their underwear knickers.   Which I find odd, because I always thought knickers were the style of pants that came down to your knees and had a cuff with a button.  You know what I’m talking about?  I believe I had a corduroy pair back in the day, that I wore with ruffled high collar shirt…who remembers this style?  I think it’s best forgotten.



Pecan Sandy SconesSo as I was saying I was partaking of a few too many scones and my skivvies were binding a bit, so I took a scone sabbatical.  Yes that’s a thing.


Pecan Sandy SconesBrown some butter, add some chopped pecans and let them bubble around in the butter for a few minutes.  Ooh what’s better than toasty butter pecans?  Nuttin!


Pecan Sandy SconesCut the butter into the dry ingredients, add the buttery pecans.  Add the wet ingredients and stir just enough to form dough ball.



Pecan Sandy SconesTake half scone dough and place on a well flour surface, form into a round about 1 inch thick, place on parchment lined baking sheet.



Pecan Sandy SconesPlace in freezer for 10 minutes.  Remove and score each round into either 6 or 8 pieces and top with a whole pecan, bake in a 400 degree oven for 25 minutes. (this freezer trick is not to be skipped, it gives the scones a firmer, moist texture)




Pecan Sandy SconesI decided to bake these for my Friday morning book study gals, Pecan Sandy Scones seemed like the perfect treat for the ladies to have with their tea and coffee.  Sabbatical over!


** I quite often will make a glaze for scones, but I decided these were perfect as is.  That’s not to say a simple maple glaze wouldn’t be fabulous on these pretty lil scones 😉


If you like scones you should give this scone pinterest board a peeksy!



Disclaimer:  I am proud to be an ambassador for the United Dairy Industry of Michigan.  Thank you for helping support Eat2gather by supporting your local dairy farmers!  

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