Tangy Pasta Salad

Everyone needs to have an easy versatile pasta salad recipe on hand for potlucks, lunches, last minute side dish.  This Tangy Pasta Salad is easy versatile, and full of flavor!  Tangy Pasta SaladYou can take my recipe below and make it your own with what ever vegetables and cheese you like or have on hand in your refrigerator.  I like to load it up with lots of colorful vegetables and small chunks of cheddar cheese.  Cheddar seems to be the crowd favorite but I have used Monterey Jack, and Colby.


Tangy Pasta SaladThe first time I had this salad it was at a women’s luncheon after a bible study, I hesitantly put a dab on my plate, ya know how you do at potlucks.  Either you don’t want to be stuck with a whole plate full of something gross, or you just want to try everything, I’m always somewhere in between.  To be honest, I’m usually somewhat of a chicken at potlucks and I usually stick to what and who I know.  Well this tangy veggie filled pasta salad was so good, I went back for seconds and brazenly went back for thirds!!  Then after the fact I wished I would have figured out who’s salad it was and procured the recipe, but I was too busy stuffing my face! Oink!

Tangy Pasta SaladSo after a few tries, and some sleuthing around about different tangy pasta recipes I came up with this tangy, and slightly sweet dressing with a smidge of mustard and a generous shake of celery seed, I think it comes pretty close to the beauty I sampled (scarfed down) at that ladies luncheon years ago.


Tangy Pasta Salad

Hows that saying go?  “A good pasta salad recipe is worth more than gold.”  or is it ” A pasta salad in the hand is worth two in the fridge.”?  no that’s not it um er maybe its ” There is no sincerer love  than the love of pasta salad!”

All so true, nothing better than to have a good ol pasta salad recipe in your recipe arsenal, great for a side dish, for lunch, a light dinner, and a perfect potluck dish!

Enjoy! Sheila


Disclaimer:  I am proud to be an ambassador for the United Dairy Industry of Michigan.  Thank you for helping support Eat2gather by supporting your local dairy farmers!  

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