Garlic Knots

I’m so sorry.  I am so very sorry for what I am about to do.  Please forgive me.  I realize it’s a new year, and if you are like me you are watching the carbs.  And if you are not like me well then this is going to be right up your alley!!!  Just think how wonderful life could be with a Garlic Knot on your plate, in your hand, in your mouth, IN YOUR BELLY!!  Pretty wonderful people…… Garlic KnotsYour family will think you, quite literally, are THE  I’m pretty sure they will be snapping some chat, and face booking, and bragging you up on twitter and what ever other social media there is out there that allows braggatory pics and posts. These rolls. (Insert blank stare and drool.)  Truth be told these knots might be life changing, for real.  People say their recipes are “life changing” all the time, I’ve said that, but this time, this time it’s for reals. The recipe below is only for four.  I’m trying to ease you in to this addiction slowly, by weeks end you will no doubt be making 8 or 12 of these at a time.  They’re good warmed up, or sliced and made into a sandwich, so WHAT THE HECK why not made scads of them.  Dozens.  Who’s going to stop you?  Not me.  Certainly not your family.


Garlic KnotsLet the little frozen balls of heavenlyness thaw and double in size.  While this is happening you can get your herb butter ready.  Freddy.


Garlic KnotsStretch one roll in to a rope about 8 inches long.


Garlic KnotsStretch a second roll into a rope, make a cross or X.


Garlic KnotsGrab two of the ends and bring them together making a knot, almost like you are making a paper change but knotting the ends instead of sticking them together.


Garlic KnotsDo the same with the remaining loose ends.


Garlic KnotsWhen all dough balls have been stretched and knotted dip them into butter herb mixture and place on a baking sheet, or in a pan.  Place in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes.


Garlic KnotsRemove and brush with any remaining herb butter.


Garlic KnotsNow tie your hands behind your back, and yell dinners READY!  If you leave your hands free and wait even one minute, you will not be able to contain yourself, and the next think you know your family will be slapping your buttery face trying to wake you up after your overdose of garlic knots.  True story.  Er I mean this could very well happen.  I think I dreamt that something like this happened.  Once upon a time…..  In all seriousness when I make these rolls, my kids go into moaning mode, and they take to smacking, loudly.  It’s quite obscene, really.


Easy Lasagna Roll UpsThey go well with anything and everything.  Italian fare, steak dinner, a hearty soup or chowder, make sandwiches out of the leftovers if you have any.  This has never happened here, but I imagine sliced in half they would make a lovely sandwich.



I love all things bread, as does my family.  The biggest annoyance to us is when we go out for dinner and we watch another table, of guests, fail to eat their basket of bread as we ask for our 4th!

“Oh sheesh just give us their bread will ya!!”

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