Cowboy Caviar

Meals 4 Sharing is back!!!  If you are new to Eat2gather you may not remember that every Friday I used to do a Meals4Sharing linkup.

What is Meals 4 Sharing?

1. M4S is a place to  where you can share in the comments about a recipe or a meal that you have made for those you love.

2.  If you have a blog you can link up any post old or new that has to do with loving on others with food.

What does this look like?  What does loving on others with the gift of food mean?  Here are a few examples:

So pretty much anytime you make someone food you are loving on them, you are nourishing them, feeding them, letting them know you care!  It’s that easy.  Every Friday you can stop by and leave your 2 cents in the comments about how you’ve loved those around you or you can link up a post from your blog with a recipe or a story about food/recipe that you have shared with others. If you want to read more about how to love on others here’s a link to a 31 day series I wrote on it a while back.

I’m excited to revisit Meals 4 Sharing again. In this fast paced world we live in I think we need all the inspiration we can get regarding loving others.

Recently a good friend of mine had the misfortune of breaking her leg, and having to have surgery.  She’s a nurse and a mother to four boys.   Let me just say, “aint nobody got time fer dat!!”  Oh my goodness!  Really, really?!  I was feeling horrible for her, transferring her dilemma to my life, thinking what would I do if I had to be immobilized for any length of time?!  I thought to myself if I had to sit and keep my foot up for the majority of each day I would definitely want a yummy snack to eat while I did.  Right?! Wouldn’t you?  I knew my friend loved avocados so I decided to make her some Cowboy Caviar, a relatively healthy snack to munch her time away with.

I have made this dip a gatrillion times.  I love it!  It takes a little prep, but it makes a huge batch so that makes it easy to share.  I not only like to dip tortilla chips in it, I love to top grilled chicken with it or pile it on a hamburger, or a taco.



So now it’s your turn!  Share how you’ve loved on others recently in the comments or LINK-up below!

Any questions? Feel free to share so others can too!

Have a great weekend!

Luvya, Sheila

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    Move over Shrimp Butter… this may be my new go-to dip! What a feast for the senses. Thanks, Sheila.