MERRY CHRISTMAS! & Happy New Year!!

If I could physically send each and everyone of you a Christmas card and a pan of Cinnamon Rolls I would, but I ain’t Santa….so I’m sending you a virtual card and cinnamon rolls.  I love you all so very much, you have no idea!!!  Thanks for everything this year, you guys are awesome!


Many blessings to you and yours!
Hugs & kisses ; )


Pssst!  Because I am a nut.  I have to point out the fact that every year I screw something up on our family Christmas Card…name spelled wrong, kid left out something!  Always something!  So this year I thought I had it all together, I even had the kids proof the card before I pushed the order button on Shutterfly.  But I still have two faux pas (FO-pahs) in this card… you see them?  Let me know if you notice what I or we overlooked.

Happy New Year!!  ;D


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  1. 1
    Linda :

    One “r” in Merry and two “thes”!

  2. 2
    Wendy :

    Is it the picture of your dog but no mention of his name in the family credits?
    Merry Christmas Johnson Family!

  3. 3

    A Very Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you and your family. My virtual gift to you is from my family heritage — Norwegian rosettes and krumkaka and Scottish shortbreads and plum pudding with brandied hard sauce.

    • 3.1
      Sheila :

      Karen, I am drooling! Sounds beautiful, and I am sure taste even more delightful! Thank you for hanging out here. Love to you, Sheila

  4. 4

    You are a NUT!! I would have never noticed but there’s a space missing before Cece and “The” shouldn’t be capitalized.

    • 4.1
      Sheila :

      hahahaha see there are mistakes that we didn’t even notice! I am an editing nightmare! All or any editors interested in my writing please ignore that I just said that, I am very teachable ; D! Hope you had a great day yesterday with your widdle man and your big man ; )

      • Sheila :

        Ok I will confess and I am surprised none of you noticed ; D the picture of my sweet Cece has a toilet directly behind her precious head. NICE! and then yes the use of “the” twice, and the lack of naming Jack the hairball in the family list. Ohmagersh!

  5. 5
    Kirstin :

    I mainly noticed the double “the,” but I guess that a space is missing, too. The cinnamon roll looks delicious. : ) Happy New Year!!

  6. 6
    Tracy Steffes :

    Well, I wasn’t going to say anything, but since you asked…duplicate “the” and no space between the “&” and Cece. I saw it right away, when we receive the lovely card in the mail, but then again, it is my job to seek out typos…Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year anyway Sheila! I’m sure not everyone caught it! 🙂

    • 6.1
      Sheila :

      Hahaa wondering where you’ve been : D Oh golly I need an editor ; ) Happy New Year!! luvya, Sheila


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