Blueberry Apple Cobbler

Blueberries and apples are two of my favorite fruits for cobbler…so why not put them together?! Honestly it’s hard to come up with a fruit combination that wouldn’t work well in cobbler.



Peach-Cherry, Pear-Cranberry, Raspberry-Blackberry, Strawberry-Rhubarb…you could keep it pure, and stick to one fruit at a time.  I’m not going to lie, I can’t pick a favorite I like all of the above.  I do not play favorites when it comes to cobbler.



First you need to whip up the buttery crust.  See the purdy lil’ chunks of butter?  That’s what you call a thang of beauty! Pure unadulterated buttery beauty, which when you unadulterate crust it makes it flaky.  Like me.



It may seem tricky, rolling out a crust to fit a square pan…but it really isn’t.  Remember this is cobbler so you can cobble it, it doesn’t need to be perfect.  That’s part of the ease of it, just flop it in there.



Dump what ever fruit you like into the crust.   Approximately, 5 cups works best for a 8×8 cobbler.  Here I chose apples and blueberries with a squeeze of lemon to keep the apples from turning brown.

I will say this: I do not add any spices or flavorings to the fruit, just a little squeeze of citrus to keep the fruit from turning brown. The butter from the crust and the spices from the crumble add the perfect amount of flavor with out coving up the flavors of the fruit.



Fold the crust back over the fruit.  No special method is needed, just flopper over.   There may be more in some spots than others, no worries the crumble topping will cover a world of hurt.  Quite literally.



 Now combine the crumble ingredients and cut the butter in with a pastry cutter until it’s the consistency of oatmeal.


Dump the crumble on top, then put your phalanges to use spreading it to every corner of the pan.



Pop cobbler into a 375 degree oven, for 45-60 minutes.  Baking time may vary if you are using frozen fruit.  When the cobbler is crispy, golden, and the fruit juices are bubbling, it’s done.  Let it cool for 10-15, if you can wait.



Then lay a generous load of vanilla ice cream right on top, and dig in.  Vanilla is my personal favorite, but I think it’s fun to get crazy and serve cobbler with cinnamon, caramel, or ginger flavored ice creams as well.


If there happens to be any cobbler left over, this is what you do, the next morning.  1. Quietly scuff out to the kitchen, as to not wake the other cobbler gobblers in your home.  2. Position yourself facing kitchen entrance, with cobbler leftovers between you and the door. (You never want to have your back to a hungry, half asleep, cobbler gobbler.)  3. Grab a fork, assume the cobbler gobbler position, now go to town baby…that’s right you earned it.  It’s aaawwl yurs.


Signed, the reigning cobbler gobbler Queen

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  1. 1
    Julie :

    With 5 children in the house, we never have leftover cobbler! I’m making this tonight, it looks amazing.

  2. 2

    Oh man–this looks so perfect!

  3. 3

    The perfect cobbler for this time of year. Saying goodbye to summer berries and hello to fall apples! I love the crust under the cobbler. I’ve never seen that before and I can’t wait to try it!!
    kelley {mountain mama cooks} recently posted..Graham Cracker & Leftover Frosting Sandwich CookiesMy Profile

  4. 4
    Cassie :

    I love this flavor combo! Streusel topping is my favorite too!
    Cassie recently posted..Corn CookiesMy Profile