Penne ala Betsy

41 days to go. 34 recipes to make yet….I decided maybe I should make my self a list…so I can see the whole picture…with out flipping through The Pioneer Woman Cooks for the 80millionth time..yes a list was a good idea. So it will be hung up on the wall by the microwave by my cookbooks…right where I can see it, and it can see me. Yes, the time is finally drawing near I am 1/2 way done with my Sheila and Ree Project.

No offense Ree but this has really been enjoyable and easy. I have loved or at least liked everything I have made so far. It’s no wonder you are a star Lady! This cook book ROCKS. And I absolutely cannot wait to give it away to one of you crazy people, I love, that read this….PLEASE don’t leave me once I am done with this project…I don’t know what I will do with out you. Sorry it’s getting late and I am gettin sappy.

OK let’s get crazy….how about I will give you 1 extra entry for every new person that you get to comment on my blog and 5 entries for every person that you persuade to become a follower. Hey! post a link to Strawberry Cake on your face book and and I will give you another 5. Wowza! Now we’re talking.

Tonight I made Ree’s sister Betsy’s Pasta dish. I had helpers….Cece helped me take the tales off the shrimp (only a few were eaten in the process), Ainslie helped me make the sauce….patience, patience. This was my daily dose of patience making a fine, yummy sauce with an eleven year old. HOLY COW!

Pasta Ala Betsy is a creamy tomato sauce with shrimp and basil, my kiddos chowed it!

Then for dessert I made Patsy’s Blackberry Cobbler…but I used blueberry’s from my freezer fresh picked from a Michigan blueberry patch. I was fearful to feed my family the “fresh” blackberries that are in the produce section right now… yikes people, I think I would rather wait for the farmers market in July. I wasn’t really a recipe rebel in this instance because Ree’s recipe states that you can use blueberries too! Woo HOO!

This is not the cobbler I grew up on, but it was very yummy! And EZ! I would definitely try it again, but next time I will rebel and sprinkle some cinnamon in there!

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  1. 1
    Robin S. :

    I for sure will post on my FB page! I will send them all your way and tell them to say I sent them!!!! I can tell you are married to an ER doc, patients vs. patience? Little freudian flip!!! That food looks so yummy! Congrats on the halfway 🙂

  2. 2
    Cheryl :

    I posted this on my facebook. Here is the link. I hope you get lots of followers!/profile.php?v=feed&story_fbid=319558456605&id=100000340624870&ref=nf

  3. 3
    Friberg Clan :

    We promise to not leave you! Boy, that pasta looks so good. I love cream!

  4. 4
    Anonymous :

    Looks good. Kelly A

  5. 5
    I'm Jen. :


  6. 6
    Lisa :

    Hi Sheila! I'm a friend of Carla's from Disney World – I'm so glad she sent me to your blog. I'm subscribing today. Looks delicious!

  7. 7
    Sheila :

    YIKES Robin, I spelled it wrong 3x. It is what it is….:D! You can spell check me anytime!

  8. 8
    Robin S. :

    I am a designer, so it is funny that I even noticed it! That is why I have proofers. My spelling sucks. I once put Whirlpoop instead of Whirlpool on a brochure and the mailing house caught it! It was my second job out of college. Hard to keep a straight face when your boss is yelling at you and the brochure in front of you says, POOP. Proofer didn't even catch it! In my defense the L and the P are awfully close together. And it was a last minute change. No worries on my end. Have a great weekend. Happy cooking.

    I posted it on my FB page. Hoping you get some more followers.

  9. 9
    Melissa :

    Looks yummy – as usual 🙂 I put it on my FB!

  10. 10
    mtsteffes :

    From one foodie to another…I love your blog! I cannot wait to try some of your recipes and places to eat!!

  11. 11
    zsegard25 :

    That looks like a delicious dinner…I'll have to give it a try soon!!

  12. 12
    Sumita :

    Hi, Sheila! Great looking food and I love the way you write-your personality really comes through! I have been reading your blog and enjoying it and finally got a moment to figure out how to comment:) Great job! Sumita

  13. 13
    Laura :

    Yumm that looks great. I have been cooking and baking through the pioneer womans cookbook and this is one recipe that I have yet to make and it is for sure on my list…it looks so great!!!

  14. 14
    Sue@CountryPleasures :

    I'm not sure if this is the post to win the copy of Ree's book but please enter me, would LOVE to own one. YOur blog is adorable too, thanks for the invite!