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yes INDEED it is TRUE i am visiting PW

I have given alot of thought to this post. Laying in bed twiddling my thumbs…where to start…what to write. Don’t want to bore anyone. Don’t want to leave anything out. Want to bring you all along…

I can’t.
I know. It’s not fare.
I mean who the heck am I that I get this sort of a once in lifetime opportunity?
My arms are bruised. (I keep pinching myself.)
If you are totally coming into this just now well then you might want to know that I am a long time PW reader. Because of my friend Dee (the Redletterwords Lady), she told me I absolutely had to read Ree’s blog or I was gonna die, or maybe she said she would give me a nuggy….can’t remember.
So finally I read Ree’s blog…back in late 2007. That Christmas I made Ree’s cinnamon rolls instead of my recipe, and gave them to the usual peeps. And the rest is history. I have not read nearly as much of her as I am sure most of you have…but I have read away at least 6 months of my life, I am sure of that.
So then Dee sends me an obscure email back in September 09. “How’s about Chicago”.
Then I email back “Yeh I like Chi-town.”
“You want to go”
I say,”with you?”
Then she says “yeh! dummy Pioneer Woman is signing her cookbooks there at the Barnes and Nobles in November!”
WHAT great Scott….of course I want to go!!!!
So off to Chi-town we ventured….if you want to can read all about it here. Otherwise here’s the short story. We went, we brought gifts, we waited for 6 hours, I bought a stalker number of cookbooks and had her sign them all. The end.
I decided on January 6th, Ree’s birthday, to go through with what I started a month early when I nonchalantly wrote “maybe I should cook through Ree’s cookbook and call it the Sheila Ree Project”. What the heck else is there to do in the dead of winter in Michigan. So before I knew it this post was written and there was no looking back. Little did I know it would turn into much more than me just cooking through her cookbook and my friends getting a good meal or two out of the deal, and someone getting a signed cookbook, and my cookbook getting trashed, and me barely fitting into my jeans.
On the last day of my challenge, March 31, Ree gave me a SHOUT out on her face book page, with a link to my blog. My blog went blongkers!!! It was a rush. Like totally dude.
Just so happens that someone that lives near me, that I did not previously know, was going on a trip to The Pioneer Woman’s Ranch. She saw Ree’s shout out to me went to my blog read it and well…
BOY HOWDY!!! She done invited me and my friends to go to. Sight unseen!
Well, we all got to see each other a couple weeks ago and we had a rousing good time at a coffee shop even got asked to leave. You can read about that here if you would like.
NOW as my genius math mind has just calculated…..we have…
55 HOURS until we sit our butts in a plane and fly down to Tulsa!
I am usually not a packer aheader…but I am a little excited so I did get these out today.

Yikes! Now that’s a lovely picture of my luggage. The dilemma is to check or not to check.

And of course I have this going on…


Kenny is taking my oldest daughter camping and I need to have all there stuff ready to go because our trips will intersect, but thanks to my brother-n-law Skidder all will be well on the home front while I am away.

So now that I got you all up to speed, or just totally bored you with all the blah blah details, or maybe you could say I refreshed your remembory. (that would be a 7 year old word).

NOW you can once again gear up for another GIVEAWAY. This time I will have Ree personally sign in her cookbook whatever you would like her to say. So send you friends, neighbors, family, enemies(good way to show your enemies some love today), face book me, twitter me all that jazz.
TOMORROW it begins!

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  1. First of all your list is too fun! Fresh breath is first priority followed by nothing stuck in your teeth (toothpicks/floss)! Oh, Sheila I am getting so excited! I can now that I am DONE with work! Let the countdown begin!

  2. I know you girls will have a rip roaring time! AND…I am also sure, you will keep us updated minutely on your adventure 😉

  3. I am so excited for you, have a great time and take TONS of pics!! Can't to hear all about it.

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