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Well loved.

That’s what this cookbook has become, well loved, and falling apart.

I have a way with cookbooks, the ones I use a lot are a wreck. Stained, tattered and torn, rubber banded together, post it notes sticking out all over them. I love cookbooks!

Oh ouch! Love hurts! Or is that love stinks? In this case we will say hurts.

Pages are falling completely out!

Today I made Ree’s scones. AAAAaaahh, snnniiifffffffff, mmmmm, snniiiiifff,aaahhhh, they smelled absolutely marvelous! Maple Pecan Scones. The smell of them just kills me. Of course, these little babies are full of this….

HELP me! For the love of butter!  I need to bring these to someone else I cannot have them in my home!

Off they went to my friends at the PRC. Thank you PRC friends for helping me with my baking obsession.

Dang now it’s 11 PM and I’m wishing I had a scone with a big glass of milk….

***comment on any Sheila &Ree Project post and you are entered to win a signed copy of this cookbook a new copy, not a well loved copy.
Good luck!


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  1. I really want a copy of this cookbook, these scones look so good. The way your book looks just makes me want a copy even more.

  2. YUMMY!!! I could use one of those right now with a nice cup of coffee… then again in about an hour with a HUGE glass of milk! I'm so glad you introduced me to the PW recipes!

  3. Making those this weekend! Yum Yum Yum! Your cookbooks look like mine! Making the mocha brownies today. Both kids have pneumonia, need to keep them busy on this sunny warm day that they have off of school and they can't go out in :(.

  4. Everything you have made from this cookbook looks so good. How many more to go now? Does PW know about your project? I think she should.