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Nothing makes my heart sing quite like the smiles of my children. When they flash me an honest to goodness “I’m happy” smile it melts my heart. We all just want our kiddos to be happy don’t we?

Recently a good friend sent me an email that her daughter would be turning 13, and for her birthday she wanted to give her a book full of advice, quotes, stories, and life lessons  and would I (and many others) contribute to this book.  WOW.  Yikes! Pressure.  What to say?  I was humbled and honored that she would trust me with this task. I feel like everyday I am saying the wrong thing to my teens, even when I’m trying to encourage and give advice I feel as if somehow I just said the worst possible thing I could have ever said.  I won’t bore you with examples.

380255_3485541852029_1960749155_nI really just want my kiddos to be happy.  I didn’t say I wanted life to be easy for them.  I just want to help them get through life, and enjoy it, be content.

Now I’m singing that song……..you know the song.  Wooo oo oo oo oo ooooo  don’t worry be Appy. [I digress….easily.]


I thought I would share with you what I wrote to my friend’s daughter.  I love this idea by the way.  I hope this young woman cherishes this gift, and even adds to it and passes it on to her daughter, and granddaughters.

I wrote:

Compare and Content are two words that do not belong in the same room. If you are comparing yourself to others you will never be content. Being content with who you are and who God created you to be is happiness.

May I add a content heart is a thankful heart. Start each and everyday by thinking of 3 things you are thankful for, no matter how small. Make it a prayer. “Thank you God for toothpaste and warm water to shower in, and cozy socks for my toes. Amen” Whatever it is great or small in all things be thankful.

Dictionary says….
content [kuh-n-tent] adjective ~ satisfied with what one has not wanting more or anything else

I wish I would have made these things a habit earlier in life. This is not our human nature to be thankful and content, it’s something we have to work on and think about. The earlier you start the easier life will be. Now go get um girl!!

Happy Birthday Girlie may the Lord bless you and keep you all the days of your life.

IMG_1330I love reading food blogs.  But some of my favorite blogs, blogs that I curl up in bed and read on my laptop or phone at night are not food related at all.  These writers inspire me, they make me think, and laugh, and cry, they make me slow down and think about life.   I thought I’d share them with you.

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BooMama ~ you can read about who BooMama is here.

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Momstery ~ Recently this was one of my favorite post of hers


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Hugs, Sheila

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  1. OK…I have some down time so I am getting caught up on my favorite go to place that “inspire me, they make me think, and laugh, and cry, they make me slow down and think about life.” Thanks for being you and thanks for sharing your true heart with us. I love you gal!!!

  2. I have heard of this as a gift for kids heading off to college… LOVE the idea of doing it earlier. What you shared is so great, true and beautiful Friend. “If you are comparing yourself to others you will never be content.” Good stuff!!! Love this. ❤️

  3. What a really neat gift idea – and this young lady is luckier than she knows. We all struggle with saying things the right way so our teens won’t roll their eyes and ignore us, however, as parents we just need to keep saying those important things because some day, those kids will decide we’re smarter than we used to be. 🙂 I love your message to this young lady – and you said it perfectly.

    Stay inside and stay warm

  4. What beautiful words you wrote to your friend! Great advice. I try to teach this to my children as well!
    I love what you said about wanting your children to be happy and helping them get through (not necessarily and easy) life.
    Thanks for the suggested reading material!! (I’ll get to that in my spare time…yeah. )